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The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Savvy Bob

Item Number : 13130785


The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig Swiss Lace Silk Top Savvy Bob

Realistic Natural Looking

  • Multi Directional Parts
  • Versatile Styling
  • Natural Looking Scalp
  • Maximum Manageability
  • Flawless Appearance
  • Hidden Knots on a silk top
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable on the scalp
  • 4"x4" Wide Lace Part for Natural movement

The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Savvy Bob
Piano Mix Off Black + Light Auburn

The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Savvy Bob
special mix color

The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Savvy Bob
special mix color

Total Record 10
  • | Savvy Bob Wig Review | Feat. SamBeauty

    Candis [ 01/01/2018 ]
    Love Love Love this Wig!!!!!! Parting space is so realistic and Bomb!!! Hair is so soft !! Length is perfect !!! Shedding out the box was a little much but little to none now. Please go check out my review sent to me by SamsBeauty OF COURSE !!! Thanks my loves!!!
  • | Unsponsored honest review Unrealistic looking part

    Isopura [ 07/26/2017 ]
    Let me start by saying I have very high standards when it comes to wigs. I typically buy silk based wigs without knots and very realistic looking. This is not a true silk based wig. The grid lines and dark knots are visible within the 4x4 parting space even with lots of powder and concealer. My husband could even tell. The hair is lovely although it is longer than the picture shows which was fine with me. The other reviews are being honest in terms of the nice light Yaki texture and cut. I think some YouTube reviewers neglect to show the actual part up close bc it is so unrealistic. However I understand that people are ok with visible grid lines and knots but If you''re anything like me I wouldn''t purchase this wig. I will try to deconstruct the parting space if possible since I cut the lace off the front and am stuck with it.
  • | Savvy Bob Wig

    Ashley [ 05/06/2017 ]
    I absolutely love it! So Amazing!
  • | Would buy again

    Keisha [ 03/12/2017 ]
    Love it. I did side part and it was really easy to make part look natural and it lays well. Don''t put heat on it though. I tried to bump a small section at 370 degrees and it lost its shape. I added powder to reduce shine. Overall great unit considering its synthetic
  • | Great wig after I cut it!

    Corrigan [ 02/28/2017 ]
    As another reviewer wrote, this wig is way longer than it looks. I cut it into an A line bob and it''s perfect. I love that I can part it different ways. It''s not something you have to fuss with for a long time when you''re getting ready. I have 2 of them and I don''t like long wigs, but I''ll probably cut the other one, maybe just a short blunt bob for that one. The color of the lace in the u part might need some makeup depending on your coloring, but I didn''t have to use any. Also, although thick, it doesn''t have a yaki texture. So basically, this wig is great but it''s longer than it looks!
  • | This wig is Heaven sent

    Helen [ 01/06/2017 ]
    First thing first, I love the layout of the wig. Like i have never had a wig that I did not have to worry about the lace closures, cut, and or the flatness of the wig. You can tell it was made really well. This Swiss lace is incredible. The 4x4 parting space is really amazing. i do not have to pluck anything. Parting is very realistic and the color of the lace even is very natural looking. I enjoy this wig soooo much you guys!!! I got this in the color OT30 and even though i FIGURED IT WAS QUITE PRICEY, but I must say that it''s really worth it. It''s the true definition of a wig really in my honest opinion. You take it out the wrap, pop it on your head (because it lays flat like really flat no bulkiness or nothing, unless your hair underneath is braided very bulky and then that is an issue but it still doesn''t look off) and go!!! The easiness of everything is just amazing!!i was able to not have to alter the wig at all. Overall it''s a really good buy. I need to stack my coins up and try more of this brand because im very curious to see if i get the same results just a bit pricey!

    LeWahn [ 12/27/2016 ]
    The wig is bulky and 3" longer than it appears on the model that it doesn''t even look like a bob. I''d have to cut it just so it can look similar. Not satisfied.
  • | Nice Wig

    LoriAnn [ 12/13/2016 ]
    I actually love this wig, bought this brand twice. The only issue I have experienced is that I have had to sow in the combs because they came loose after the first time I wore it.
  • | I love it!

    Lashonda [ 11/22/2016 ]
    I love this unit no complaints
  • | For the price, I guess this is worth it!

    Alexia [ 11/21/2016 ]
    So I just got my package today. The shipping was fast, took about 5 days to be exact. I order this on Thursday and it came today (Monday November 21). The customer service was pretty good, they replied back to my emails the same day. So that was nice of them. Now to this I saw no reviews on this wig but I really wanted it so I just went ahead and ordered it. I was so excited to get this wig but when I opened the package this wig wasn''t as yaki textured as I thought it was going to be. It''s more on the silky side if anything (it''s like a really, really, REALLY light yaki texture) It says on the stock card that this wig is curling iron friendly but not how high the temperature can be at. But the silk base closure is EVERYTHING. It looks so natural. It''s too bad the hair doesn''t (in my opinion because of the colour I ordered). The closure lays really flat and it doesn''t need to be moulded either. Just part and brush, and you''re good to go. The length is perfect, not too long and not too short. It''s like an everyday wear wig. I forgot to mention that I got this wig in the colour OTBURG, which is a nice colour but it doesn''t look good on my skin complexion (I''m brown skinned) But I guess for the price this wig is SO worth it. The wig also fits soooo snug! I just wish this wig was more of a natural yaki than silky like my other synthetic units I''ve gotten. Anyway, I hope my review was helpful to any of you beautiful ladies that was considering buying this wig. Oh, and one more thing, you''ll definitely need to carry a brush or wide tooth comb with you for this one because it does get tangled easily and sheds a bit. I''ll also recommend getting this wig in a natural colour! It''ll look SO natural and realistic!!! *I''ll give this wig a solid 3.5 stars out of 5 but again, only because the colour that I chose* :)

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The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Savvy Bob

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