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OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Giselle

Item Number : OQWSHHW03


OUTRE Quick Weave Synthetic Hair Half Wig Giselle

Transforming 30 Seconds : Half Wig / Ponytail

HIGHTEX Electric Iron recommended 300'~350'F

  • Self Styled in 60 seconds
  • Choose from the selections of beautiful, trendy and popular styles.
  • Close to 100 styles available and more to come...
  • Blends with your own hair for fullness without bulk

Change styles as often as you like in just a minute

  • Better than a wig

Blends with your own hair quickly

  • Better than a weave

Can be done anywhere, anytime by you, without help

  • Lets you be you

Use quick weave complete cap to allow your hair to recover from braiding, weaving, stocking caps and wigs

Total Record 11
  • | beach hair i dont care about but looks great

    shaniece [ 07/03/2017 ]
    its a great cheap unit to beat up and sport for play. it tangles easily just wash often with conditioner or cut out nappy ends. i will definitely be ordering again soon or sams beauty can send me and ill do a video of how to style it
  • | Do not buy this wig

    Khris [ 08/01/2016 ]
    I bought this wig after seeing some reviews on Youtube. I knew it was thin. But even after finger combing and brushing, it was still incredibly thin. Don't waste your money on it. You're better off purchasing Batik Peruvian
  • | GOOD

    J├ęssica [ 04/26/2016 ]
  • | Very nice

    Renee [ 03/28/2015 ]
    This wig seemed super thin at first...especially since I have a larger head and thick hair. But after brushing it out and cutting layers in it...i love it.
  • | Not Thick Enough

    Hannah [ 03/08/2015 ]
    The lenght is satisfactory however you can see straight through the wig when you hold it up. Not thick enough.
  • | Lovely

    Syria [ 11/11/2014 ]
    Giselle is a lovely half wig! The curls are a bit thin at first, but if you finger comb them it looks fine. I also cut a few layers in it to make the hair look a bit more natural. I have a review on YouTube of this product if you are interested. Thanks!
  • | good

    Taylor [ 05/27/2013 ]
    I purchased this wig in a D27/144 and it is really a beautiful color. I get constant compliments when I wear it. I just find that the wig only lasts for about 3 weeks before it gets too bad to wear. It tangles after the fourth day but after the first initial finger combing, its not a run your fingers through it type of wig. I will deff. try it in a darker color but these were my observations with the lightest color.
  • | gorgeous

    Ashley [ 05/19/2013 ]
    Love dot com I disagree with the wig being thin it just needs to be finger combed and the older the wig gets the fuller it becomes. It is lightweight and easy to wear and very blendable with natural hair gals. A simple flat twist out on your leave out will leave this hair blending so well you wont even know that its not growing from your heard. I did a review on youtube of this half wig definitely check it out you will fall in love. I recommend for naturals and those wanting that big full curly style <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • | gorgeous

    jennifer [ 04/19/2013 ]
    I just got this 1B and love it. It blends with my own hair well and looks natural. I didn't wear curly hair often, but this is perfect for me.
  • | poor

    Deltrice [ 03/04/2013 ]
    I agree with Dragon Lady. The length of this wig wasn''t even close to the picture. The look of this hair reminds me of a jheri curl. Maybe if I brush it out a bit, it''ll look somewhat thicker but it is thin.

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OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Giselle

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