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OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Penny

Item Number : 4390069


OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Penny

Washing Instructions

  • Detangle the hair before washing.
  • Soak the wig using mild conditioning shampoo.
  • Gently swish the hair and avoid pulling or rubbing.
  • Condition & rinse by letting water run through hair.
  • Pat-dry any excess water.
  • gently finger brush and lay hair on flat surface to dry.
  • Dry naturally or use blow dryer  with diffuser.

Care Tips

  • For curly wigs, hair-net may be placed during air drying.
  • Do not sleep on wet hair.
  • Use wide-toothed comb for waves and paddle brush for straight hair.
OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Penny
Dark Root 1B/30 + 30

Total Record 21
  • | Beautiful Color

    Patti [ 01/09/2018 ]
    I got the wig in DR27613 and it is amazing. Especially when the warm weather hits. Check out my video
  • | Love!!!

    LaDeshia [ 11/09/2017 ]
    Love this half wig. I got tons of compliments when I wore it. After it started to tangle underneath and at the ends I cut it short and loved it even more. I have it in #2 and DR30.
  • | Poetic Angel/YouTube

    Annmarie [ 09/06/2017 ]
    Ladies, this unit is a must have, please
  • | This hair is so versatile

    Mahogany [ 08/10/2017 ]
    On my youtube I did a video on some styles for this wig
  • | Love this hair

    Mahogany [ 08/10/2017 ]
    I love wearing this wig as an updo
  • | Love this hair

    Patricia [ 08/06/2017 ]
    This wig looks amazing and I absolutely love it.
  • | Love penny

    Dallan [ 06/30/2017 ]
    This my Second week and I absolutely love this half wig that I got it in another color for 425 and she is so bomb
  • | This wig is wonderful!

    Shajuana [ 04/13/2017 ]
    It''s so soft. Realistic looking and great for protective styling.
  • | Penny is life!!!!!!

    Guest [ 03/21/2017 ]
    I absolutely loooove this wig I''m about to get it in every shade! I''ve been wearing this wig and I must say it''s amazing looks and feel natural
  • | Penny is everything

    Alona [ 03/13/2017 ]
    I had been going back and forth mentally on if I should purchase penny for months! I mean like 6-8 months and I finally purchased her and omg I''m so mad at myself for waiting so long! She is gorgeous and the layers are so beautiful and natural looking! Im a fan of penny and will be ordering her again! I have two of her a 1b and a 1b/30 . She is so easy to style! Me and outre have a special bond lol I love outre half units!

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OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Penny

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