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Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig Dream Muse Series 3XL Swiss Silk Based Cloud 9 Maria

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Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig Dream Muse Series 3XL Swiss Silk Based Cloud 9 Maria

  • Silk Based Lace Frontal
  • 100% Human Hair & Hybrid Mix
  • Limitless Parting
  • 3XL Swiss Lace Parting Area
  • Flex Fit Mesh


Swiss silk-based lace from ear-to ear with the biggest lace size ever! Ultra soft swiss lace provides maximum comfort and styling. Features individually hand knotted strands for limitless parting.

  • Silk based ultra soft swiss lace
  • Hand-tied knots with natural hairline
  • Lightweight contouring mesh cap
  • Flexible fit for various head shapes & sizes
  • Unlimited parting options
  • Safe up to 350'-450'F

Innovative Structure

  • Swiss lace form ear-to-ear.
  • Skintoned silk base for natural look parting.
  • Adjustable straps and combs for secure fit.
  • Contoured for natural hairline.

Contouring Mesh Cap for Top Level Comfort

  • Non-bulky, light weight and breathable.
  • Flexible fit for various head shapes and sizes.
  • Track-free for natural flowing hair and movement.


1. Fill a basin with cool or lukewarm water.

2. Add a small amount of mild shampoo.

3, Swish the wig gently in the basin.

4. Rinse thoroughly in cool water.

5. Using a towel, lightly blot excess water and let drip dry.

6. DO NOT brush, blow dry, or heat style while wet.

Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig Dream Muse Series 3XL Swiss Silk Based Cloud 9 Maria
Piano Mix MediumBrown + LightAuburn

Total Record 8
  • | Best wig ever

    Darion [ 02/24/2018 ]
    This was my second second synthetic wig purchase. My first was the Bobbi boss yara wig. Although I love that wig it was a little snug and I couldn''t wear it for very long. I love this wig so much. It''s big head friendly and super soft
  • | I love this unit

    Natalie [ 12/03/2017 ]
    Super soft and really pretty!
  • | Pretty

    Alisha [ 11/10/2017 ]
    My first wig purchase ever! I like the ease of adjusting the size of the cap, and the lace and individual hair placement in the cap looks natural. It is really really long, and I plan on cutting a bit off. I wore it higher up so i could wear my hair in front to hide the lace band in front. Not much tangling, and no shedding after initial brush through.
  • | Love the Wave Pattern

    Stephanie [ 10/29/2017 ]
    I got Maria in F4/30 and reviewed it! I like the color, length, density and wave pattern. Check out my review on YouTube: @Designs By Steffanie
  • | Great

    Trina [ 10/02/2017 ]
    I like this wig, so soft and pretty. Tangles on the neck but I will get two more.
  • | Best wig

    Katina [ 08/28/2017 ]
    This is one of my favorite wigs I love the texture of this wig and you don''t need to pluck you can move it in so many directions and very very little of shedding and I''ve been rocking this wig for over 2 months now heck I''ve even slept in this wig and the weaves still bounce back!
  • | Root color dark red brown and longer than picture

    Guest [ 04/03/2017 ]
    The wig itself is nice quality ends are nice color but the roots are a dark red brown color and down to ears. There is finally a video on youtube showing what the color looks like (Sam''s Beauty let me know this) so you can see for yourself. But I wouldn''t purchase this again not for the price and I can''t work with a dark red root. Density is nice silk base nice but just can''t do the root and to me looks nothing like picture. I wish I would''ve seen You Tube video before purchase.
  • | beautiful unit

    Guest [ 03/28/2017 ]
    this unit is super gorgeous!

    link to my video review -

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Sensationnel Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig Dream Muse Series 3XL Swiss Silk Based Cloud 9 Maria

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