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The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Swiss Goddess

Item Number : 86781312


The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig Swiss Lace Silk Top Swiss Goddess

Realistic Natural Looking

  • Multi Directional Parts
  • Versatile Styling
  • Natural Looking Scalp
  • Maximum Manageability
  • Flawless Appearance
  • Hidden Knots on a silk top
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable on the scalp
  • 4"x4" Wide Lace Part for Natural movement


The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Swiss Goddess
Piano Mix Off Black + Light Auburn

The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Swiss Goddess
special mix color

Total Record 14
  • | Nice look

    Porscha [ 04/13/2018 ]
    The shedding and tangling are endless. From the first wear. Save your $.
  • | Not too bad, but...

    Anna [ 04/05/2018 ]
    Okay so I saw this on YouTube and had to buy. I wanted to do a wig for prom. Out the box, it was beautiful and looked kind of natural. It was bumpy at first when putting it on my head. Laid it down with some moose and it was good to go. It was good for about a week and a half (maybe less than that)... It sheds really bad and gets tangled to the point of no return. It''s a good wig if you don''t wear it a lot.
  • | Love

    Regine [ 03/27/2018 ]
    This is a great wig. I’m used to having bangs so I cut some. I don’t recommend her for everyday. I wore it to the club and danced all night. She had a few tangles near my neck which is expected with the volume and length. I prefer the 1b.
  • | A Hot Mess

    Amber [ 03/08/2018 ]
    I purchased this wig and the color was amazing. The density mimicked bundle hair and the fit of the cap was perfect, it is layered beautifully but what they don''t ever tell you on YouTube is how after a week this unit sheds and tangles like crazy. No products were used on the wig, I didn''t sleep in this wig and IT STILL tangled. There isn''t a way for me to salvage this wasted
  • | This wig sucks

    Bianca Joyce [ 01/09/2018 ]
    Yes it’s nice on the YouTube girls but it’s horrible it tangles up immediately. It sheds ridiculously . Waste of money !
  • | Very Disappointed!! Don''t believe the hype

    Katherine [ 01/01/2018 ]
    When I first saw the wig review some months ago on YouTube by Dominique A. I fell in love with it immediately and had to have it. Needless to say when I went to the site to order it, it was out of stock but I never gave up. Checking back every once and a while the wig was finally available again and even though the price was much higher than I usually pay for a synthetic wig, I just had to have it. I bought the F1b/30 and OTBLBK. Yay the wigs arrive and I couldn''t wait to wear them. I so wish I had read the reviews on this wig before spending $45 a piece the two wigs I purchased. One thing is most of these YouTube wig reviews never have an update. Yes straight out of the box the wigs seem flawless but even in the case of this wig the shedding was pretty intense straight out of the box. I wore the F1b/30 wig two days later and the shedding became more intense and the tangling was atrocious. As I always do I decided to come read the reviews (after the fact) and I now see that this has always been the problem with this pricy wig. I have some $20 wigs that behave way better than this again $40 wig. And to think I have 3 more of this same wigs in the colors 1, 1b and Burg waiting in my mailbox for purchase but needless to say that''s not gonna happen. Don''t believe the hype.
  • | Buy This Wig

    Michelle [ 12/17/2017 ]
    BEST WIG EVERRRRR! The most realistic synthetic wig I ever owned. I''ve bought in total 5 I love them !! I will always have this in my wig collection
  • | I love this wig!

    Hadassah [ 12/11/2017 ]
    This wig is very silky and easy to take care of. I love that it is a lace wig and I can part it whereever. I def recommend.
  • | Do not buy!

    Renee [ 08/14/2017 ]
    I hated the shine and texture right out the box as i usually prefer a yaki /relaxed texture... but i wore it and the sheeding and tangling is ridiculous!! After a month it still sheds like the first day!! Is ir the colored units or does the 1b shed as well? This wig cost too much to behave like its a $20 unit!! And i have Straight Affair in IB loved it!! I also have Curl A Licious in OTBLBK that shed as well but its curly and expected but it stopped after 2 or 3 wears... Swiss Goddess in OTBLBK horrible!!
  • | Disappointing

    Stacey [ 08/10/2017 ]
    I went for ot30 when I first tried the unit on I was blown away the colour, cut and part was perfect but sadly after wearing it for a few hours the dream ended it tangles like crazy, sheds constantly and does not lay well at the back by my third time wearing it the ends were happy and frizzy and it looked old and tired so disappointed it could of been the perfect unit of the synthetic hair was better would not recommend at all

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The Stylist Synthetic Lace Front Wig 4x4 Swiss Lace Silk Top Swiss Goddess

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