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Sensationnel Synthetic Kanekalon Braids African Collection Jumbo Loop Braid 24" (Blow Out Texture)

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Sensationnel Synthetic Kanekalon Braids African Collection Jumbo Loop Braid 24"

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  • | this hair is trash

    Doris's [ 08/01/2017 ]
    as a matter fact most "straight crochet hair" is trash. Everyone wants the look of a "weave" just get a weave and stop being cheap. the knots are very visible and you think your getting the look of a weave when you will not get this look. sometimes the little rubber bands/plastic bands on the loops just pop and all the hair comes out. its a long mess the only way this hair works out is it you have ALOT OF HAIR YOURSELF and you leave half of it out around the front, the back and the middle to hide those camel humps. get a weave

    Guest [ 03/21/2017 ]
    Got this hair to do crochet extensions on a wig I have(used kima braid before and it worked beautifully) this hair is absolutely impossible! wont blend, the ends flair out so unnaturally, and the TANGLING!!
    it is unreal! after a few hours of wear you cant even run a brush thru it! and i take it off at night i cant imagine how bad it would be if it was installed in someones head, Do not waste your money.
  • | Beautiful, but ...

    bridget [ 12/20/2016 ]
    I had to update my review after today. It's been two weeks. The hair is gorgeous, don't get me wrong. Long, thick, beautiful hair. My biggest problem is that it sheds like CRAZY. I don't know if it's normal for this kind of hair, or if I am just a noob at this ... but it's very frustrating to manage. I know it's normal for very long hair to tangle .. but I kept my hair neatly braided in multiple braids for work / at night, and would take it down during the days I am off.. and it was always a tangled, shredding mess. I'm someone who loves wearing long extensions and am pretty high maintenance myself. So I give it a 3/5. it's *extremely* high maintenance to the point of being a 2nd job for me, which isn't what I wanted. Maybe someone with more experience can do well at managing them !

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Sensationnel Synthetic Kanekalon Braids African Collection Jumbo Loop Braid 24" (Blow Out Texture)

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