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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Lulutress 2X Ocean Wave 8"

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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Lulutress 2X Ocean Wave 8"

STEP 1 : Open latch, and slide hook through cornrow. Loop the hair onto the hook.

STEP 2 : Close latch securely. Reverse and slide hooked hair back through the cornrow.

STEP 3 : Open latch, the remove hair from hook.

Using two fingers, hold the pre-looped end of hair open.

STEP 4 : Feed the hair through the pre-looped opening.

Twist loop & feed again. Pull and secure tightly.

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  • | Pretty, but...

    Roslyn [ 11/18/2018 ]
    I wanted to love this hair. I just installed it last night and I can tell I won''t be able to keep it very long. There is a pre-loop, but nothing secures it and it''s too soft to stay looped, even if you loop it 3 or 4 times. I put bands in the areas that you can''t see, so I''ll only have to fight with the front to stay put. I plan to keep it at least a week (2 if I can squeeze it in), but I don''t believe it''ll stay in place long enough for me to get 2 full weeks out of it...and this was with an initial intention of getting 4 weeks wear out of it. I cut the back and have a really cute layered bob with longer tresses in the front. Too bad I''m doubtful it will last. We''ll see.
  • | hair is pretty but!!

    Stephanie [ 10/26/2018 ]
    Their is no real pre-loop to the hair. Its just turned over with no security. You can tie the hair 3 times or more and it still falls out whether you comb it or finger it. When you do finger it, it sheds a whole lot. It costs too much for this to happen you need at least 5 packages because its not much hair in each package and it takes a long time to install. You need to glue it in.

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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Lulutress 2X Ocean Wave 8"

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