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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids African Collection Bantu Braid 40"

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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids African Collection Bantu Braid 40"

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  • | Love it.

    Tahirah [ 01/01/2019 ]
    I used this hair to achieve faux locs and it came out great. I cut each strand of hair in half and split each piece into 2. I used 1 piece to braid and 1 piece to wrap. Ending up using 6 packs.
  • | Awesome Crochet Hair

    Kierra [ 04/28/2018 ]
    I absolutely love this hair. It''s very light weight and it gave me a very natural look. I split each pack in half and ended up using 4 packs to achieve this look. The style easily can last you up to 4 weeks if you maintain it. It does frizz up some but I feel that the frizz gives it an even more natural look. I give this hair two thumbs up!
  • | Worst Hair!

    Courtney [ 01/21/2018 ]
    This hair is the worst crochet hair I’ve installed!! The hair is way too soft and frizzy. I installed it and took it out 2hrs later. The price gets you. Don’t do it!!!!
  • | Wouldn''t Recommend It!!!!

    Elda [ 11/08/2017 ]
    I bought this hair along with other crochet hairs, and before I even finished the hair it started to tangle and separate. Even though the pattern is big, it will take more than 6 packs for a medium size head. Overall I won''t be buying this hair again.
  • | This hair was the biggest decision of my life!!!

    Kimberly [ 11/04/2017 ]
    This hair was a disaster!!!! Once the hair was installed I looked like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz! My hair dresser tried everything to fix it, but nothing worked, I took the hair out that same day. Whatever you do save your money don''t buy this hair!!!
  • | I love it!

    Ebony [ 07/17/2017 ]

    Bukola [ 05/19/2017 ]
    This hair is so useless!!! and trust me, i buy ALOT of hair! It''s way too long. If you try to cut and style, it tangles so much. it''s ridiculous. waste of money!
  • | Great

    Lydia [ 04/22/2017 ]
    The hair is great has a very natural texture. It was very easy to work with. To maintain the hair is would suggest lightly misting it with water and applying a little hair cream. I made a crochet wig with it.
  • | My go to Crochet Hair

    crystal [ 04/14/2017 ]
    I LOVE THIS HAIR! For me, it is the most versatile and gives me the biggest bang for my buck! I have used this hair for both crochet wigs and full head installs.

    I typically cut the hair in half and separate each "twist" into about 6 pieces. This gives you a very full look, without being heavy or bulky. This hair is so soft and fluffy with a very natural luster and texture. (the pictured looks are both achieved with about 2.5 separated packs.)

    I keep the hair in for about 4 weeks before I either detangle and recurl or take it down. The hair recurls so nicely with the hot water method and detangles rather easily with proper maintenance. I sleep with the hair in a pineapple and wrapped in a silk scarf, then take down and shake it out, trimming any straggles or knots.

    I also do a major stock up when its BOGO as I use this hair for all my crochet styles!

  • | Two Weeks Tops!

    Evette [ 01/30/2017 ]
    I have used this hair twice for short term (no more than 2 weeks) crochet installations. In both cases I cut the hair in half and split each section of hair into 2-3 sections. I received lots of compliments on this hair because it really does look as though it is coming out of my head. I agree with other reviewers that it will tangle and get matted very easily, but like I said, it is great for a short term wavy look.

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Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids African Collection Bantu Braid 40"

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