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Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig Big Beautiful Hair 3C-Whirly

Item Number : 12308252


Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig Big Beautiful Hair 3C-Whirly

High Tex : Heat Resistant Fiber Safe upto 400'F

Go big and beautiful with our collection of voluminous naturally curly textures designed to match and blend perfectly with your own hair. Whether you're in the middle of transitioning, you're already natural, or you just love that natural look, accentuate your style with Big Beautiful Hair.

Natural Texture, Natural Style.

  • Ear-to-ear lace finish for a Natural-looking hairline
  • Full Volume
  • Soft & Lightweight
  • Available in Natural Hair Textures
  • Shed-Free
  • Perfect Protective Styling Option


Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig Big Beautiful Hair 3C-Whirly
special mix color

Total Record 14
  • | Used to be my fave...

    Tara [ 05/07/2019 ]
    I''ve been ordering this wig for years, but lately my orders have been a bust! Something''s going on and they''ve recently changed up the texture. Now it comes all ratty like a birds nest! I''ve tried a few different sites to no avail, so I know it''s the manufacturer... Please switch it back!!!
  • | Bad, bad, bad!

    Sam [ 03/05/2019 ]
    This wig is not as pictured. Do not buy this wig you will not get what was advertised. There isn''t enough lace to form any type of part. Some reviews say that the hair is full enough that you don''t need a visible part. The wig looks bad like that. Wasn''t a waste of money because now I know to not buy their big "beautiful" hair. So disappointed because I was really looking forward to this unit.
  • | Had to make adjustments!

    Flora [ 12/27/2017 ]
    When I received the package it did not look like the image I saw when I ordered. It was NOT full. My daughter sewed in a few tracks to give it the volume I was looking for. And, now I love my hair.
  • | Very Cute Wig, Would Purchase Again.

    Jazmyn [ 10/12/2017 ]
    This wig looked extremely natural and I got soooo many compliments! People will really believe it''s your natural hair, DR30 is the prettiest color..especially for the summer time. I did not like the texture though, was very dry and synthetic! But these curls are so bouncy and full of life, no shedding and lasted a really long time. This was one of my absolute favorites. I do suggest laying down your baby hairs if you can because when the wind blows it clearly looks like a wig.
  • | Big Bold Beautiful Hair!

    Jeannine [ 09/03/2017 ]
    I really like this wig. No, it doesn''t look like the model, but it is still beautiful. I like not having a part. You can style the front as you like. The back of the wig is longer than the front and the back is not as dense. I would recommend cutting about and inch off the back. Play with it and have fun. I can''t wait for it to frizz up and get BIGGER!!
  • | Outre Big beautiful hair 3c whirly

    Guest [ 03/28/2017 ]
    I''ve purchased 2 of these lace front units and I absolutely love this wig! I have a perm but my hair still has curl to i, I''ve been wea ring it half up in and bun and the back down I get so many compliments people think it''s my hair
  • | My favorite curly wig

    Guest [ 03/20/2017 ]
    I love this hair, it looks very natural. The older it gets the bigger and more natural it looks.
  • | Get her in DR2730

    Eb Latrice [ 03/15/2017 ]
    I have her in lace front and half wig. She is really cute summer and fall hair. This wig literally lasted me more than 6 months! I love her!
  • | Love this

    Octavia [ 03/09/2017 ]
    The body is perfect as well as the length. Just the perfect amount of bounce as well. I bought 2 packs for 2 units wish I would have ordered more because People want them right off of my head.
  • | Very pretty

    patience [ 11/17/2016 ]
    This hair is full in my opinion. Brown girls, try the dr30. You will fall in love.

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Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig Big Beautiful Hair 3C-Whirly

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