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Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Batik Peruvian

Item Number : 10239164


Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Batik Peruvian

Step by Step Instructions

1.Part the hair from ear to ear and comb forward. Insert front comb.
2.Push cap down and insert back comb.
3.Comb hair over part and blend hair to desired look.

Care Guide

  • Detangle hair form end to root before shampooing
  • Carefully wash in lukewarm water with mild shampoo
  • Do not rub or twist, but gently finger comb the hair
  • Follow with conditioner and rinse in similar fashion
  • Pat dry with a towel and do not rub or roll the hair
  • Air dry or blow dry with diffuser or as recommended by your stylist
  • To avoid stretching or damaging the cap,do not place a damp wig on mannequin or Styrofoam head
  • Styling tools should only be used when completely dry.
  • Use electric curling or flat iron with temperature up to 400°F


Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Batik Peruvian
Dark Root 1B + 27/30

Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Batik Peruvian
Dark Root & Bottom DR425 + 1

Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Batik Peruvian
Piano Mix MediumBrown + LightAuburn

Total Record 58
  • | Love it gorgeous

    Alva [ 11/27/2018 ]
    I have worn this wig everydaysince the day I purchased 3 yrs ago. It last a few month. I finger comb it everyday. Sprinkle only water every now and then.i put on the wig and pick my baby hair out in the front then cover the band in the front from ear to ear with edge control and a little got2 b glue then start my day. I get so many compliments daily. This wig has saved my life lol
  • | Don''t waste your money

    DESIREE [ 09/08/2018 ]
    so I brought this wig because i saw 50/50 reviews on how great of a wig this was. well to be honest this wig is trash. I wear half wigs all the time. I am very aware on how to maintain them. When I initially brought this wig, I had a bit of skepticism. But I went against my judgement and brought it anyways. The wig is not as long as the picture and not as full as the pictures. the cap construction suggest that maybe a few more pieces could be added to make the wig fuller. the wig lasted approx 1.5 weeks and that was with me removing it every evening and placing in on my mannequin head. The more your run your fingers through the wig the more tangle it gets and it will turn to a birds nest around the nape area. Not a really good wig, But if you need something for a night on the town then I would get this wig for that purpose only.
  • | Best Half Wig

    Nicole [ 06/27/2018 ]
    Perfect mix of curls and waves. Lasts for a few months.

    Kajavia [ 06/25/2018 ]
    I have tried the Penny and Penny 26 half wig that alot of youtubers rave about and I did not really like them.. Was too much work. But then came across this one and Im in LOVE.. It blends with my real hair perfectly. I just braid my leave out at night and take it down in the morning with min effort to blend. I also did not have to do much to this hair out the package. I did cut it and shape it so it was not as long but that''s about it. I love how soft and light it is!

    Netric [ 05/27/2018 ]
    i wore this wig on my vacation to vegas and it was LIT!! watch my tutorial below.
  • | Better deal!

    pamela [ 05/03/2018 ]
    Thank you sam!! Not alot of stores carries this hair! Ive been looking all over for it! I love it and im sooo Obsessed!! Will be buying like 5 more!
  • | Love this unit #BABYDEECHANNEL

    Dallan [ 04/29/2018 ]
    Love this half unit it’s so cute and You can do A half up half down hairstyles also very soft and I love the color combination. If you ask me I think Outre did a good job
  • | Absolutely love this!

    Melissa [ 04/23/2018 ]
    This is the best wig I have ever bought! It''s absolutely gorgeous! I will be buying more of this one! I''m soo in love!
  • | Love it

    Jillian [ 03/31/2018 ]
    I love this wig ... although it did get tangled in the back after the first day for $14.99 you can’t beat that price. I got it for Miami and it worked out great!! If you want a quick hairstyle for the week or need a transition wig this will work. If it gets too tangled just cut the really tangled part with scissors spruce it up a little with some mousse and you’re good

    CASSANDRA [ 03/24/2018 ]
    I have purchased this wig 2x...the first one in a was too long for me so i cut it...after about 3 wks...didn''t wear it anymore it didn''t last no matter what I did...the second wig....DR2730...the color is intoxicating, but again I cut frizzed up sooooo bad....I can''t even wear it anymore....the price wonderful but it doesn''t last...CUTE A LITTLE UGLY!!

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Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Batik Peruvian

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