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Outre Remy Human Hair Weave Velvet Brazilian Natural Yaki

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Outre Remy Human Hair Weave Velvet Brazilian Natural Yaki


The specific weave or braid procedure will determine the actual hair maintenance requirements. Ask your professional hair stylist for specific care and maintenance. 

  • Detangle hair from end to root before shampooing
  • Carefully wash in lukewarm water with mild shampoo
  • Do not rub or twist, but gently finger comb the hair 
  • Follow with conditional and rinse in similar fashion
  • Pat dry with a towel and do not rub or roll the hair 
  • Air dry or blow dry with a diffuser or as recommended by your stylist
  • Styling tools should only be used when completely dry


Total Record 7
  • | Tangled matted mess and frizzy

    Wendy [ 01/13/2018 ]
    DO NOT BUY THIS HAIR!!! I bought this hair to make a wig and once the instillation was complete I was very happy with the texture and bounce. after a few weeks the hair began to deteriorate. The hair started breaking/shedding like crazy despite using sealant on every track (front and back!!) and then matting began. it started to frizz up towards the top and tangle on the bottom. After washing it I began to really get matted. it feels like it''s been coated with something slightly waxy that can''t be washed out.
  • | poor

    Jessica [ 05/30/2016 ]
    Very pretty at first but sheds horribly strands of of hair every time you would brush the hair. Wish I didn't waste my money
  • | Love It!

    Chilnille [ 01/01/2016 ]
    This is my second install. Love it! It blends with my natural hair well (It's been 4 years since I had a relaxer). The hair does start to shred after about a month. Some little tangling, that is easy to remove with a quick finger comb.
  • | Ok for short time wear.

    DeMonica [ 11/17/2015 ]
    At first this hair is amazing, flowy and thick... But within the first week the shedding started and has only gotten worse. The tangling is moderate but the shedding is excessive. Don't think I'd purchase again.
  • | Don't do it.

    Adelaide [ 11/15/2015 ]
    Here's another pic of the ratted mess.
  • | first

    Adelaide [ 10/25/2015 ]
    Hair was beautiful when I first installed. It's been a little over a month and hair sheds like crazy, swells, and tangles. Doesn't have much moveement as it did before.

    Update: Updated with pictures to show how bad this hair gets. It got to the point where I had to take a brushe to work and be brushing the tangles out. It swells ad matts back up again ten minutes after you brush it out. Do not recommend this hair whatsoever. This is me just sitting in the house and how it tangles and swells. Don't be fooled!
  • | Love the texture!!!

    Aretha [ 05/13/2015 ]
    This is best yaki hair I ever purchased! Two packs was just enough for a nice full look... It doesn't shed or tangle and it is very soft! Everyone thinks It's my real hair... I'm going to stick with this texture and buy in different lengths. I also saved 60 bucks buying it from Sam's beauty. Thanks

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Outre Remy Human Hair Weave Velvet Brazilian Natural Yaki

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