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Innocence Hair Synthetic Hair Braids EZ Bohemian Locs 18"

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Innocence Hair Synthetic Hair Braids EZ Bohemian Locs 18"

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  • | Best goddess locs on the market

    Larissa [ 05/07/2018 ]
    These locs are by far the best goddess locs, the price is great, you get 22 strands for 6-7 dollars. While other brands give you 15/20 locs at a higher price. I wore my locs for 4 weeks, I washed my hair with them in, i took them out and installed them again a second time, they were just as beautiful as the first install. I get so many compliments with this hair, I could have gotten a third install with the same hair if I had been more careful when taking them down the second time. I spoiled some of the loops by ripping them out. It took 6 packs to do my hair, only con was they get extremely heavy when wet, so if youre gonna wash your hair, lay down on a bed/towel until theyve dried, unless you dont want your edges!
  • | Pretty hair

    Nichelle [ 04/11/2018 ]
    I really like this hair a lot, I had so many compliments from random people and friends. The thing I don''t like is that it fizzy easily and it came off way too soon, I wore for 2 months but it was starting to look more and more fizzy to the point that I have to take it out. Again, I really like this hair, I just wish it doesn''t fizz easily. Plus I love the color, I actually meant to get purple but got gold and black.
  • | Badddd

    Keisha [ 02/24/2018 ]
    Don''t waste your money. The Natty hair that is similar to this is wayyyyy better. The hair is soft, unravels, sheds, frizzy. I''ve only worn it for 24 hours and have experienced this and taken it out.
  • | Good and bad

    Shaheera [ 02/09/2018 ]
    I loved this hair it’s so light weight which I am so happy about. I recieved so many compliments on this hairstyle my only complaint is that the curls matte really quickly I’ve had this hair in for two weeks and I’ve had to cut the curls just so it wouldn’t look matted and the loops unravel so easily which gets frustrating at times I’m disappointed about that because I love the hair I’m not sure if I’ll buy more of this hair I might just stick to my regular faux locs
  • | Bohemian locs 18” T1B/144

    Jazz [ 02/01/2018 ]
    The hair I receive was great, I receive the hair faster than I expected. I bought 8 bags although my hair stylist told me i only needed 7. I always purchase more hair than I need just in case. My hairstylist only used 6 1/2 bags. My hair wasn’t tangled, it’s actually very soft to the touch and also in looks compared to the same hair at the hair stores around my way. What i mean by soft to the touch and in looks, the same hair at the hair store looks and feel rough, this hair is the opposite. This hair cheaper on here than in the store. I was worried about the length because I’m only 4”11 3/4 but the 18” looks and feels great on me. I love the hair color as well. Over all I will be purchasing again. Love the hair I receive, all 6 1/2 bags that were use were the same in regards to hair texture. Oh and I haven’t experience any shedding. The gold hair tubes I purchase at a local hairstyle those were not from this site... if you notice those in my picture... I try different hairstyles so if you want to see more, my ig is babiifacejazzy
  • | Tangles

    Elle [ 01/20/2018 ]
    I dont like this hair. Its in my head right now and it just tangles so easily. The loop to attach comes apart very easily when you are just trying to get to the hole as its seemingly wound tight at first. It looks nice and silky at first but after an install can easily start to look ratty. Also the curl at the bottom has even loosened and looks matted on a few of them. I wont be repurchasing these
  • | Locs locs locs

    Toni [ 12/08/2017 ]
    So I love to get faux locs in my hair and I’ve tried out a lot of different types of pre looped faux locs. These locs are so soft and light weight, and I love the fact that they are in different sizes I just wish that they were a little fatter in size. Also these locs tend to shed easily but still are very nice bohemian locs. Price isn’t too bad either but would be nice if they were like 4dollars a pack. Lol
  • | I love this hair

    Stacyann [ 12/07/2017 ]
    I love this hair. I had it in for 3 weeks and it still looks like I just put it in my hair. The curls stay even when it wet. Little frizz but that’s every hair. Smells great and shipping was fast. I am ordering more for my daughter because she fell in love with it when I received it. Just it always out of stock when I want to order more.
  • | Beautiful locs!

    Sandra [ 11/26/2017 ]
    I wanted to find locs that were curly at the ends and these were so beautiful especially with the blonde and black ones. They are soft and the perfect length. I used 6 pack alot come in pack.
  • | Love this hair!!

    Shakiya [ 11/20/2017 ]
    Great hair texture! Bought 1B/27 and 1 pack of 27 to place in the center. Complements so far!

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Innocence Hair Synthetic Hair Braids EZ Bohemian Locs 18"

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