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Harlem125 Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig 4X4 Swiss Silk Base FLS11

Item Number : 38906014


Harlem125 Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig 4X4 Swiss Silk Base FLS11

Fall in Love with Your Styles

  • Multi-directional Parting
  • Most Realistic & Natural Look

Swiss Lace is a high class lace made of elaborative technique to provide a great soft touch and natural look.

  • Soft / Elaborative / Natural
  • Thin and Undetectable
  • Much less stress to the Scalp
  • More Comfortable & Wearable
  • Easier & More Natural Styling
  • Flame Retardant High Heat Resistant Fiber : Curling Iron Safe upto 400'F
  • Swiss Lace : Hexagonal Shaped Holes


Harlem125 Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig 4X4 Swiss Silk Base FLS11
special mix color

Total Record 22
  • | Beautiful Style and color but...

    Annette [ 02/09/2019 ]
    Well I love the color and style the roughness of the lace front on a soft Swiss lace 4 x 4 really leaves it disappointed. The color is gray the style is great, just that rough lace front is a downfall
  • | One of my favs

    Jazzamin [ 11/18/2018 ]
    This wig is great. I’ve never had any of the issues mentioned. If the knots on the lace bother you. You can just add pressed powder or concealer. It is truly a beautiful unit.
  • | Almost perfect!

    Tamara [ 10/11/2018 ]
    She is a beautiful unit. I’m obsessed with the color and the texture. My only problem is the fullness. I bumped the humps out with the flat iron and then noticed that you can see the cap underneath clearly. But if styled correctly then it’s not a worry.
  • | Synthetic hot mess

    Londie [ 09/30/2018 ]
    I was so excited for this wig but it’s a hot mess. I watched reviews on the wig before purchasing and so many people were raving about it but I’m beginning to think they were all paid or sponsored. You can tell it’s a wig and it’s so hard to manage. The wig is overpriced and not worth what I paid. I tried everything to make to make this wig look more natural but nothing worked. I have to pop a baseball cap on my head every time I wear this unit.
  • | If you want people to know you have a cheap wig on, buy the 1b.

    Kristy [ 09/18/2018 ]
    I got the 1b. The hair is beautiful and natural looking. It does not have that shine. You can easily flip it and play with it. HOWEVER the wig was very poorly made. They did not add enough hair to the lace part of the wig. You can clearly see the holes in the wig. Even with a wig cap the same color as my skin and makeup on the lace, you can see holes. It''s like the whole lace was over plucked. If I look in the mirror at myself, with the sink in between me and the mirror you can see the holes very clearly. If I go outside baby bye, everyone will know you have a lace front on. I tried several layers of makeup to hide it. There is no fixing this wig. I asked a couple of friends if they could see the holes and they started laughing :/
  • | Can''t Go Wrong

    De Ann [ 09/11/2018 ]
    I have been looking for a blonde wig for the longest and this wig is the best. I get tons of compliments on this piece and this is my second one. I am going to stay blonde with this wig!!!
  • | This hair is amazing

    Jessika [ 07/29/2018 ]
    I was skeptical on getting this hair at first. I took a chance and am amazed by the quality of the hair. At first it looked like it’d take a lot to customize the hair but in reality, it didn’t. I just cut the lace, parted my hair, added some moose to make it flat, colored the hairline w a black eyeliner pencil and styled like normal. Once my baby hairs are laid and my gel is in place on the perimeter, I do not need to do much to blend the hair. It works well with a brown skin tone!
  • | Gorgeous on Dark Skin

    Alicia [ 07/04/2018 ]
    the hair line was came pre plucked. Its easy to detangle and not a lot of shedding.
  • | Don’t try curling and bumpy

    Monique [ 03/29/2018 ]
    This wig looks like a wig. I’m not a pro but I’ve had other wigs that look a lot more natural. The package says you can curl it. Do not try it I just did a small piece that is now straight.
  • | Overpriced and hard to manage

    Amber [ 03/23/2018 ]
    This wig does not look good out of the package. It''s bumpy, and the hairline area is extremely dense and requires a bunch of plucking to make it look natural. It needs A LOT of work to make it look natural and is NOT for BEGINNERS. I''ve bought plenty of other wigs that require minimal styling and maintenance for the same price.

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Harlem125 Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig 4X4 Swiss Silk Base FLS11

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