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FreeTress Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Deep Twist 22"

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FreeTress Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Deep Twist 22"

  • FreeTress : World's most advanced synthetic hair

















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    • | Crochet deep wave Hair

      olivia [ 12/21/2018 ]
      I made a wig with this crochet hair using the number 2 hair color and I absolutely love it!! Click my video to see the details and products that I used on this hair
    • | What happened?

      Catina [ 09/19/2018 ]
      I have used this hair in the past, about 2 years ago and it was soft, with a defined curl. I wore it in a crochet style for a month and it was nice. I put it in jumbo twists at night and wore my bonnet to bed. This time, I ordered 3 packs of 1B did another crochet style, and in 3 days time, this hair was extremely tangled, and knotted. I could barley get my fingers through to try and remove the tangles. I was so bad, parts of the hair was slightly matted. After a week I just wore it in a ponytail, and by the 2nd week I had to take it out. I did get the hair on sale, I don''t know if it was just old, but I was very disappointed.
    • | Good hair

      LEVILLIA [ 04/10/2018 ]
      I have a customer that swears by this hair. Nice and thin. Very light with a shine
    • | Love the hair texture

      Jazz [ 03/23/2018 ]
      So I bought 6 packs of this hair in the color of TP1B/350, my hair stylist only used 1 and she cut the hair in half, I personally don’t wear a lot of long hair, especially with me being so short 4”11 3/4. I found shorter length of hair looks more natural, (on me). The hair is soft bouncy, doesn’t tangle easy, the color looks good, light, isn’t heavy, but once again we only use one bag. I will be posting more pictures of my hair on my instagram page. This is the second time buying hair from sams, the first time I ordered the bohemian goddess locs. I left that up for a month, many compliments, pics of that hair is also on my Instagram. Babiifacejazzy, I love the hair I’ve been receiving from this site, I referred a few ppl as well. It didn’t take long for me to receive my hair and it’s sooo much cheaper than my local hair stores. I already have my next hair style picked out for next month. I try to keep my crochet hair in for AT least a month, and I do wash my hair, but that’s just personally me because I can’t stand not to wash my hair for longer than 2 weeks at a time. More reviews of hair to come
    • | LOVE

      Kionna [ 11/11/2017 ]
      I LOVE this hair!! It''s so soft and inexpensive. I was able to use only 4 packs for a full, thick look. Check out my video for my initial thoughts on this hair!

      MICHELLE [ 11/06/2017 ]
      This by far was the worse hair ever purchased. color was great but the hair tangled so much and did not last. will not purchase again.

      if it was pre looped would have been so much better and faster , took over7 hours with 6 packs of hair.
    • | Loved , Loved, Loved it

      Patti [ 07/07/2017 ]
      I purchased this hair in the color 1 to go on a trip to Jamaica. I used only 3 packs and had to cut it down some, too long and big. But I loved it and I am purchasing it again, with a little blonde in some of it this time.

      The key is to make certain you pull it apart, moisturize and twist it every night (big twists are fine). And sleep with a Jumbo bonnet on.
    • | So Pretty! My FABULOUS hair.

      MaShelle [ 06/30/2017 ]
      I installed this hair a few days ago and love the way it looks. The soft, flowing waves are very flirty. I got it in 22" and used colors 1B, 4 and TT30. It does shed when you separate the hair. I know I''m going to have to manage the shedding and tangling, but I expected that. I''m hoping to wear the style for 3 weeks. This is my summer time fab look!
    • | Loving this hair!!

      Mecca [ 06/08/2017 ]
      I purchased the deep twist in the colors TT27. My order came very quickly, and the texture of the hair is great. This was my first purchase from Sam''s Beauty and not my last..Also, this hair is so soft you guys...
    • | Color completely off

      Ebony [ 05/15/2017 ]
      I ordered 4 packs of 27 deep twist hair. Hair came in the color 30. Very disappointed.

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    FreeTress Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Deep Twist 22"

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