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FreeKalon Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Curl Crush Kinsey Curl 20" (Large)

Item Number : 39141510


FreeKalon Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Curl Crush Kinsey Curl 20" (Large)

  • Style Versatility
  • D.I.Y. - Ready to install
  • Quick & Easy
  • Protective & Natural Look
  • Mix & Match
  • Flawless & Versatility
  • 20pcs / pack

Care Instruction

  • Finger comb is recommended to detangle. DO NOT brush or comb hair.
  • Sleep with satin bonnet to protect curls
  • Using heating tools is not recommended. It may result in loosing curl pattern. 
  • Shake and Go

Total Record 12

    Whitney [ 10/26/2018 ]
    Sheds like crazy!! Terrible. I had to take it down!! I bought 6 boxes which was 12 boxes because it was buy one get one free!! Beautiful curl pattern but sheds too much!!

    BARBARA [ 10/16/2018 ]
    It SHEDS way too much. I leave a trail of hair everywhere I go. I have to put a hair cap on to cook or hair will get in the food. I feel like a dog. No wonder it was buy one get one free. I bought four boxes and only used two(I have 6 left ) I will give them away. Very disappointed.
  • | Sheds

    Nikeisha [ 09/29/2018 ]
    The curl is really nice, bouncy, fluffy. But it SHEDS, way too much. I have hair all over the place.
  • | Good for one day

    Michelle [ 09/25/2018 ]
    The hair was dry and hard. After one day, the hair was very frizzy. especially if you get the hair with color. I had to cut the hair so much from the frizz, that I will be getting my hair redone. Do not recommend..
  • | Do not buy

    Leah [ 07/02/2018 ]
    It sheds all over the place
  • | Kinsey curl

    Kristin [ 05/17/2018 ]
    This hair is horrible. I would Never buy it again. It is a cute curl pattern but sheds way too much.
  • | Love the Curl

    Christine [ 03/06/2018 ]
    I love the curl pattern. I used 5 boxes total. The only thing I didn''t like about this hair is that it sheds like crazy. I am on the fence about buying this hair again only because of the shedding.
  • | Horrible

    LAKITA [ 03/05/2018 ]
    Hair sheds, it''s beautiful but I''m going to be so upset if I have to take it out waste of money and I feel I''ve been ripped off
  • | worst hair ever

    tiffany [ 02/25/2018 ]
    This hair sheds to the touch, I was so disappointed.. Installed last nioght and taking it down today, it was al over my bed, and sheds to the touch!
  • | Love it!

    Netta [ 01/04/2018 ]
    My first curly crochet hair and I love. Very cute since I don’t like extremely shiny or extremely poofy crochet hair it’s right in between. I got tt1b/27

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FreeKalon Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Curl Crush Kinsey Curl 20" (Large)

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