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Introducing the "Indian Remi Lace Wig" By Sensual. " Indian Remi" all started with Sensual nearly a decade ago as a product of our tireless dedication to introducing new styles & innovations as an industry leader. Soft, tangle-free and luxurious.
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I purchased this unit and it was cute for the 1st 2 days. By day 3 is was a hot tangled mess!! This Wig apparead to almost be a blende bc of how fast it began to tangle and shed. A matted mess!! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS UNIT!!
Review by mzromy / (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Ms. Jerry is the business
I love this wig. You just need to spray her with water and refresh her with some anti-frizz/curl defining gel to keep her looking nice. I've had no problems with her. I've had Ms. Jerry for months, at one point I was wearing her every day / other day and she still looks great. Treat her right and she will last you a long time. I've never used a comb on this wig, only detangled her with my fingers while she is sprayed with water. Shedding is minimal. The density is natural looking, and you can part her on the side which look more natural on me than a center part. People think she is my own hair and I get a lot of compliments on her. Best curly texture wig I've bought and definitely worth it.
Review by Safa / (Posted on 2/29/2016)
doesn't lay flat near ear
doesn't lay flat near ear, sheds a lot, but pretty nice soft curls. I won't be buying this wig again
Review by Angie / (Posted on 6/4/2015)
doesn't lay flat near ear
This wig lace does not lay flat near the ears, does shed alot,the hair and curls are pretty but for $114.00 at least put combs closer to the ear to contour. I will not purchase agin and no longer trust vella lace wig.If the wind blows your flaps are exposed.
Review by angie / (Posted on 6/4/2015)
I bought this for vacation in PR...I wanted something that could get wet w/o any problems. It came nicely packaged, and the hair was beautiful & soft out the box. I wore it straight with a few flat iron curls the first day -- which held okay until I was out in the humid Puerto Rican weather. It got wet on the beach the next day, and behaved wonderfully. In fact the hair was awesome for the first week. I started having problems on week 2. This hair started tangling like nobody's business! I tried everything...just water, co-washing, adding moisturizer, curl defining cream (I'm natural so I know the tricks), you name it. It still tangled, and detangling caused more shedding. The hair is still very soft, but more trouble than it's worth. I won't buy again :-(

On a positive note, Hair Wig Harlem's staff is outstanding. Jasmine was so helpful. Thank you!!!
Review by BeautyAmplified / (Posted on 4/14/2014)
The Truth
So I been eyeing this unit for a while now and I decide to purchase, the shipping from HWH is always on point. This wig however, It a nice wig straight out the box!:) but by the 3rd day I noticed that I could see the tracks at the top of the wig, No I had not wet it yet, When I did decide to wet it, the wig was shedding like crazy, It was coming out in big globs. I washed the unit and put some sealer on the tracks to stop the shedding and added 4 more tracks to the unit to make up for what I lost during the shedding process and flat ironed her now she is holding up a LITTLE better. This unit does not have much parting space 1 inch if that, you have to really work with the front to make it look natural. the good point of this wig is that the hair is really soft and curls/flat irons really well. If you don't mind working on your wigs this is the wig for you. I will rock this wig but not for long periods at a time maybe for a day or two, this wig should not be worn for an everyday wig.
Review by Ms. V / (Posted on 8/8/2013)
Love this unit . . . it is a winner
The fit is outstanding. The hair texture is wonderful and needs very little product, just water and forms great beach look. I also liked it straight as it comes in the bag. Had to contour the hairline to naturalize it, since I have no hairline at all. No nonsense gorgeous. Wish that the company would do this unit in a full lace ( not that it does not work as is) so there is more room for parting. The cut is great. I usually am a full lace wearer with adhesive and all for more than 6 years. But this week needs no adhesive at all. If it was a full lace, I would buy 1/2 dz ! I am now purchasing my 3rd and have 2 of the other hair textures in this line. I also wish it came in the P4/27/30. That would be the 5th star !
Review by Celie2 / (Posted on 2/1/2013)
This wig SHEDS LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Neacy poo / (Posted on 6/6/2012)
Love this hair.
Purchased in 1b/33. The hair is so manageable and requires only water for wild and a small bit of conditioner and water spray for contained. Gorgoeous and would highly recommend. Purchasing aother in a lighter color. That was my only mistake. The 1b is quite dark. Good fit.
Review by Celie / (Posted on 3/18/2012)
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