For a comfortable, natural fit, women with larger head sizes should choose a large cap wig. Large capped wigs are made for individuals who have a head circumference that is larger than 22.5 inches. To measure your head size, visit our tutorial page for complete instructions. Our collection of gorgeous, natural looking wigs for big heads features hairpieces in a variety of colors, lengths, styles and colors in every price range.

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    Large Winner by Raquel Welch Wigs
    Retail $157.00 Our Price $133.45
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    Large Sky by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $195.00 Our Price $165.75
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    Large Angelica by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $247.00 Our Price $209.61
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    Commitment Large by Eva Gabor Wigs
    Retail $147.00 Our Price $124.95
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    Large Shari by Envy Wigs
    Retail $155.00 Our Price $131.75
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    Large Angelique by Jon Renau Wigs
    Retail $166.40 Our Price $141.44
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    Acclaim Large by Eva Gabor Wigs
    Retail $147.00 Our Price $124.95
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    Salsa Large by Raquel Welch Wigs
    Retail $175.00 Our Price $148.75
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    Large Reese by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $191.00 Our Price $162.41

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What Sizes Do Wigs Come In?

Just like the rest of our bodies, heads come in all different sizes. For a secure, comfortable fit, you should choose a well-fitted wig that works with your heads’ unique size and shape. Wigs generally come in three sizes - Average, Large and Petite. Average size wigs fit most customers, but some women find a petite or large capped wig more comfortable. Each size fits a range of head sizes, accommodated by adjustable straps on the inside of the wig.

Is There a Large Capped Wig for Me? 

You can feel confident and beautiful with one of our large size wigs. Find the perfect large cap wig in a long or cropped style, with bangs, curls or waves. Choose from natural looking blonde, brunette, red, black or gorgeous grey wigs with various tones. You can find larger wigs in any color, with or without highlights. Try out a fun new style or find a color to match your natural hair. Our larger wig styles are made by quality brands such as Jon Renau, Eva Gabor and Raquel Welch. You can choose from synthetic or heat resistant wigs, depending on whether you plan on heat styling your wig. Whether you’re looking for a new look or are seeking a wig for medical reasons, we have a large cap wig to suit your needs.

Will a Large Cap Wig Fit Me?

The three basic sizes of wigs (large, average and petite) all have adjustable tabs at base of the wig. This means that all three sizes will fit a range of sizes. Large cap wigs fit a head circumference of between 22.5 and 23.5 inches. Unlike clothing, wigs will never stretch or change shape, so you shouldn’t make the mistake of buying a wig that is too small or too big in the hope that one day it may fit! If you are planning on wearing a wig over your naturally thick hair it is advisable to put your hair up in a wig cap before taking your measurements. Women wearing a wig over long or thick natural hair may find our wigs for bigger heads to be more comfortable.

How Do I Know If a Wig Is Too Small For Me?

A tell-tell sign of a wig being too small is that it rides up in the back. If a wig is slipping up in the back, it's highly likely that your wig is too small. Another sign is that the wig feels too tight or is giving you a headache.

How Do You Measure Your Head For A Wig?

To measure your head size, start by tying up your hair, so it is off your face, and remove any glasses, hats or head coverings. Then, using a soft, flexible measuring tape, measure along your hairline (or approximately where your hairline would be) starting at your forehead and going behind your ear, around the nape of your neck, behind your other ear and then continuing along your hairline to where the measuring tape meets the other end at the forehead. This is your head circumference. It always pays to measure twice to be sure you have taken your measurement correctly. It is easier if you have someone help you. Please see our Wig Care Guide for more detailed instructions and videos on how to select a wig and measure your head size. Browse our large selection of stylish wigs for large heads. We are here to help so give us a call at 1-800-264-HATS and get your free expert wig consultation today.

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