Our premium quality wraps, buns, braids, and cheer ponytail hairpieces are realistic in appearance and durable in design – sure to make a statement on the dance floor. If you’re shopping for lengths that meet a competition regulation, the specifications tab on each product page will give you the information you need. Bring home a victory on your next routine with a cheer hair piece from Headcovers.  

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    25 Inch Straight Pony by Hairdo Wigs
    Retail $74.00 Our Price $62.90
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    Swirlz Hairpiece by Revlon Wigs
    Retail $13.00 Our Price $11.09
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    Big Twist Hairpiece by Revlon Wigs
    Retail $15.00 Our Price $12.75
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    Highlight Wrap by Hairdo Wigs
    Retail $21.00 Our Price $17.85
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    Feather Wrap - POP by Hairdo Wigs
    Retail $14.00 Our Price $11.90
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    Aqua Hairpiece by Ellen Wille Wigs
    Retail $59.50 Our Price $47.60
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    Soda Hairpiece by Ellen Wille Wigs
    Retail $59.50 Our Price $47.60
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    Fun Bun by Jon Renau Wigs- Hairwrap
    Retail $17.64 Our Price $14.99
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    Playful by Jon Renau Wigs - Hairwrap
    Retail $14.40 Our Price $12.24
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    Mimic by Jon Renau Wigs - Hairwrap
    Retail $19.52 Our Price $16.59

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Cheer Hair Pieces from Headcovers

In athletics as in life, doing your best requires looking your best. We know it’s important to feel amazing while you’re performing; that’s why our cheerleader hair pieces are made of high-quality materials which create a supremely natural, stylish appearance. Whether you’re looking for a long and luscious ponytail, a wavy wrap, or a braided headband, win your next victory with a cheer hair piece from Headcovers.

How to Attach Your Cheerleading Hair Piece

We pride ourselves on selling cheerleader hair pieces that are easy to attach so you don’t have to worry about needing a professional to get your game on. In general, you’ll start by collecting your own hair into a bun or ponytail. From there, anchor the hair piece to your head using one of three different methods - clips, combs, or an elastic band. The exact attachment method will vary depending on which piece you choose.

For example, the Cheer & Irish Dancer Hair Piece features pronged combs on the inside of the hair, with a drawstring for extra hold. After your hair is in a bun, secure the hair piece by lodging the combs into your natural hair and pulling the drawstring tight. Another method you’ll see is claw clips, as in the Loose Wire Wrap Hairpiece. First, you’ll wrap the piece around your bun. Then, clip it into your natural hair for extra security.

If you’re hoping for something simpler, the Feather Wrap just takes one step - slide it around your natural bun and go. The Casual Do Wrap is another easy-to-attach option with a deceptively complex appearance.

Of course, our headband braids are the sleekest of all, available as a Thick Braid Headband, a smaller French Braid, or the more intricately woven Corinthian Headband.  

How to Style Your Cheerleader Hair Pieces

To customize your look, be sure to choose a cheer hair piece that’s made of heat-friendly synthetic materials, and only use styling product made especially for wigs. We like Brandywine Wig Styling Mousse, which adds luster and shine without being too heavy or goopy. For hair spray, Brandywine's Wig Spray is water-soluble and crystal clear, strong enough to hold hair in place but still gentle in order to maximize the life span of your hair piece.

Brush your cheer hair piece with a wide-tooth comb, starting at the outer edges and stroking away from the center. Only wash when absolutely necessary with shampoo and conditioner made especially for wigs.


How to Make Your Cheerleading Hair Piece Look Natural

In addition to correct application, choosing a color that matches your natural hair is paramount to making your cheer hair piece look natural. Most of our cheer hair pieces come in a range of different shades, but as long as you’re within two shades lighter or darker of your real hair, it should blend in just fine.

To help you find the perfect hue, we offer five convenient color matching services. You can either send us a hair swatch or a picture of your natural hair color, cross reference a similar shade and brand, follow the shades of a color ring, or talk to one of our licensed cosmetologists on the phone. We’re here to help at 1-800-264-HATS (4287).

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