100% Cotton Trinity Turban

100% Cotton Trinity Turbans - 3 Way Headcovering

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If you've ever said "I have nothing to wear," this is the cap for you. With three different ways to wear, our Trinity Turban is the height of versatility. Wear the detailing to the back, side, or front to get three unique looks for every occasion. Fashioned from soft yet durable 100% cotton with minimal, gentle seams, this hat feels soothing and comfortable on the scalp. With a full head coverage fit and flattering fullness, this timeless head covering is equal parts practical, fashionable, and versatile. Designed by Danielle Yates in Houston, TX, this gorgeous style was created for women with hair loss from chemo, alopecia, and other reasons, but the stylish look makes it the perfect turban for everyone. The care that went into making this design shines through in its look, feel, fit, and craftsmanship. Say hello to your new favorite turban!
  • Our Trinity Turban Headcovering can be worn in three ways:
    • Photo 1:  For those who favor an asymmetrical look, wear the gathered detail to the side.  The headcovering then takes on the look of a gathered beret, which is chic and fashionable.  This is our designer's favorite way to wear this fabulous headcovering.
    • Photo 2:  Wear with the gathered detail in front.  When worn this way, this headcovering takes on the look of a traditional turban, with a modern twist.  Worn this way, fullness is given at the top of the head.  For women with round or wider face shapes, this turban is especially flattering when worn this way.
    • Photo 3:  Wear with the gathered detail in the back, giving the look of a snood.  When worn this way, the illusion of hair is given in the back.
  • Designed in USA
  • 100% soft cotton
  • Gentle, minimal seams that don't irritate the scalp
  • Great for those with and without hair, including those with hair loss from chemo, alopecia, or other reasons; those who want to cover their hair for religious reasons; and, of course, fashionistas.
  • Provides full head coverage
  • One size fits most
One size fits most. Our soft 100% cotton fabric will stretch to accommodate petite to large head sizes.
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