Headcovers offers a large selection of swimming gear and swim accessories for women, men and children. Whether you need to protect your sensitive scalp from chlorine or simply don’t like getting your hair wet, we’re certain you’ll find a perfect solution among our huge array of colorful, playful, fashionable, and classic swim caps. We also offer several types of ear plugs and nose clips. Our handy hair guard & ear guard is worn under swim caps and delivers a water repellent seal. Choose from several types of swimming goggles to protect sensitive eyes, an equally ideal option for pools or shallow underwater exploration at the beach. Our colorful, lightweight, and durable swim bags are a one-stop place to store all your gear. From novelty caps to shower caps, swim goggles to bags, Headcovers has all your water gear needs covered. And if you enjoy outdoor swimming, our visors and sun hats will protect your skin when you’re on the deck or sand.
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    Waffle Weave Chin Strap Swim Caps
    Retail $16.00 Our Price $9.99
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    Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag
    Retail $19.50 Sale Price $12.99
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    Triple Flower Swim Cap
    Retail $22.00 Our Price $10.99
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    Ruffle Swim Cap
    Retail $29.99 Our Price $19.99
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    Speedo Competition Nose Clip
    Retail $4.95 Sale Price $3.99
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    Petal Swim Cap with Chin Strap
    Retail $35.00 Our Price $19.99
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    Petite Girls Petal Swim Cap
    Retail $35.00 Our Price $19.99
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    Petite Petal Swim Cap
    Retail $35.00 Our Price $19.99
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    TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Swim Cap
    Retail $8.99 Sale Price $4.99
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    TYR Dino Silicone Swim Cap for Kids
    Retail $8.99 Sale Price $5.99

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Swim Gear from Headcovers

Headcovers has all your swim gear needs covered with our versatile selection of swim and shower caps, ear plugs, nose clips, bags, and more. We sell several types of swim goggles to protect sensitive eyes, equally ideal for pools or shallow underwater exploration at the beach. Colorful, lightweight, and durable swim bags are a one-stop place to store all your gear. If you want to add a little extra to your water workout, try our water resistance gloves. Browse our swim products today to find the perfect gear for the pool deck or beach.

Swim Gear for Cancer Patients

If you have hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, or another cause, you need to protect your scalp when you’re swimming. At Headcovers, we offer a huge array of swim caps ideal for cancer patients and any individuals coping with hair loss. Our patent pending handy hair guard helps keep your hair dry underneath your swim cap and provides additional water protection over sensitive ears. Swim goggles provide excellent visibility and a watertight seal, an absolute necessity for red, itchy, watery, or dry eyes, all of which are potential side effects of chemo.

Unique Features of Headcovers' Swim Gear

We offer a huge selection of fashionable, fun swim gear that also embodies ultimate function and comfort. Our swim caps are ideal for cancer patients and anyone else who desires to cover their hair or sensitive scalps. Among our collection are a dozen different goggles for men, women, and youth, silicone ear plugs, nose clips, ear bands, and convenient totes to keep all your swim gear in one place. Our carefully curated swim gear essentials are perfect for the entire family!

Swim Gear for Women, Men & Children

While some of the items in our swim gear collection are unisex and ideal for people of all ages, we offer swim caps designed just for women, men, and children. From unique Headcovers exclusives to Speedo and TYR classics, we have your entire family’s swim cap needs covered. We also sell adult and youth goggles and ear plugs. Available in different colors, our quick-drying swim bags are perfect for the entire family to use at the beach, pool, lake, and even for neighborhood errands.

Swim Gear Resources

Our swim gear guides are focused on function and fun. After all, splashing around in a pool can make anyone feel like a kid again, even when you’re coping with challenging illnesses and stress. Of course if you have health issues, it’s important to choose swim gear to help protect sensitive scalps. That’s why we’ve put together a variety of helpful guides — from practical to fun. We hope our resources help you channel your inner mermaid or merman and get in the swim. Swimming is a low impact activity, builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardio fitness, and water can be calming, which can be soothing when you are facing illness.

Our line of swim gear includes something for every budget and occasion — whether you’re coping with chemo and hair loss, or simply love to swim and are looking for terrific caps and accessories. Take a look at our swim gear resources for handy tips, or if you need help choosing specific swim gear, call us at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS).

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