Beret hats bring a serious chic factor to any wardrobe. While typically associated with French or Spanish culture, today they’re worn all over the world - and at Headcovers, we’ve got some of the best. If you’re dealing with hair loss but can’t stomach the thought of wearing a ball cap every day, a beret may be just what you need. Not only are they easy to wear, our designs offer full coverage around the sides of the head and are expertly fit to stay in place, so you can stay comfortable while you’re out making fashion waves.
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    Barely There Cotton Beret
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    Butterfly Fringe Beanie Pull-On Hat
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    Serendipity Hat™
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Women’s Beret Hats from Headcovers


Beret hats are chic and simple, topped with a dash of European flavor. While people often associate berets with France or Spain, today they’re viewed as classic on the global streetwear scene. The berets for sale at Headcovers are ideal for cancer patients who need some extra hair loss coverage but don’t want to compromise on style. Ours are lightweight, free of itchy seams or tags, and stay securely in place - say bonjour to a beret from Headcovers today.




A Brief History of Beret Hats


Historical evidence shows that beret hats have been around for thousands of years - we can trace them back to the Etruscans and Cretans in ancient Greece. But the modern beret that we know and love, often called a Basque Beret, originated in the 18th century with shepherds around the Pyrenees mountains, which sit at the southern border of France. These French beret hats were probably felted by hand, formed over the knee to create a round shape for the head.


With the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s came mass production, and by the 1920s, factories were producing millions of berets for sale on the global market. Over the years since then, it’s been adopted by a variety of political movements and military groups and is often associated with bohemian artists such as Picasso. The western world has celebrated it as a trendy fashion accessory for nearly a century.  


Why Our Berets are Special


Our beret hats for sale were designed especially with hair loss in mind, offering full, soothing coverage while maintaining the chic integrity of this beloved silhouette. The volume at the top adds a pleasing fullness to create the look of tucked-away hair, which often appeals to women dealing with hair loss. Our beret fabrics are hand-picked to ensure they’re soft to the touch and breathable, too. You won’t find any polyester or stifling synthetics here. A hat from Headcovers is guaranteed to feel just as good as it looks.




How to Wear a Beret


The most well-known way to wear a beret is probably the fashion style, with the fullness on top draped slightly over the side of the head. This asymmetrical look lends a unique, confident flair to an outfit. Another way to wear it is the pancake style, with the fullness flat on the top of your head, which appears more conservative. You could also try the halo way, centered and slightly pushed back; a pair of Fake Bangs would complement this nicely. Choose whichever method best suits you and your personal taste.




How to Style Your Women’s Beret Hat


Since the shape of a beret tends to be soft and round, these hats usually look best when paired with strong lines. Try a trench coat or denim jacket with your beret hat. Avoid billowy fabrics and oversized silhouettes, choosing clean pieces like blazers and straight cut jeans instead. If you must wear something with lots of drape, choose a fabric that contrasts the texture of the beret, like a beret with texture to complement a gauzy blouse. Of course, the true secret is to exude a certain je ne sais quois – confidence and a radiant attitude.   



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