Designed for a look that’s complete and carefree, our baseball caps with hair are the perfect alternative to a traditional hat or wig. These sporty designs help you stay cool and comfortable while providing everyday style and practical sun protection for individuals experiencing hair loss.

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Sporty Baseball Caps with Hair

Picture this: it’s a sunny summer day and you’re headed to the park with family and friends. You throw on shorts and a tee shirt, grab your sunscreen, and put on a baseball cap, right? This simple scene becomes much more complicated when you’re dealing with hair loss due to cancer treatment, alopecia, or other health concerns. Wigs can be complicated, high maintenance, and too hot for some weather conditions, while standard hats without attached hair might not offer the scalp coverage you need after hair loss. Enter the perfect solution: a baseball cap with hair!


Why Choose a Hat with Hair Attached?

We often find that once a customer purchases a hair hat, it becomes a favorite item in their wardrobe. So, why are these styles so popular?

First, a hat with hair is convenient; you can simply slip it on, instantly get the style you love, and spend more time enjoying your day. Second, a fake hair hat is a one-and-done look; there’s no need to worry about finding the right wig or hair piece to pair with a separate hat. In addition, hats with hair offer lots of variety. Our baseball cap styles with hat hair come in dozens of colors and lengths, capturing the natural look of short hair, chin length hair, and even long hair in a shade that’s perfect for you. Baseball caps with hair are also an affordable option for changing up your look; they’re generally less expensive than wigs, so you can invest in a few styles without blowing your budget. Finally, hats with hair are exceptionally comfortable. They’re cooler than wigs for summer wear and less irritating on the scalp, providing you with all day comfort.


Head Caps for Cancer Patients

Along with the list of features above, baseball caps with hair offer some benefits specifically tailored to cancer patients. During cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, your scalp may be more sensitive than normal—and that means a traditional wig might be too irritating, especially when it’s hot outside or you’re not feeling your best. Hats with hair are cool, lightweight, and more breathable than wigs, so they’ll help to protect the sensitive skin of your scalp during treatment. 

Baseball caps with hair also offer sun protection, which is crucial for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight and make it more difficult for the skin to heal after damage. That means it’s especially important to protect the delicate skin of your face and scalp from UV rays. Our baseball hats with hair provide the protection you need to keep your skin safe and healthy during cancer treatment.

Finally, hats with hair offer comprehensive coverage to help you feel confident as you go about your daily routine. Our cancer caps are designed to fully cover the hairline, so they look natural and feel secure, even when you’re active.


Choosing the Right Cap with Hair

If you weren’t much of a hat wearer before hair loss, choosing the right hat with hair can feel like an impossible task. It can be hard to know which hat style and hair cut will be the most flattering—never mind the matter of color! If you’re in need of guidance to help you find the perfect hat with hair, we’ve curated a collection of helpful guides. Check out our guide to hat shapes to determine which hat style will best flatter your face shape and body type, then take a glance at our guide to hair styles to discover a length and cut you’ll love to wear every day. We’ve even gathered tips for hat care, so you can keep your favorite caps looking their best!

At Headcovers, we’re here to make sure you find the perfect hats, wigs, and accessories after hair loss. Our founder was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989, and made it her mission to provide stylish, comfortable, and creative headwear for individuals who experience hair loss. With decades of experience, our experts are always on hand to offer advice about finding the right hair hats and more. Simply call us at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS).



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