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Category : Braided Wig
Brand : Bobbi Boss
Material : Synthetic Hair
Style : Loc 30"
Length : Long
Shown Color : T1B/30


Care Instructions:

1. Run your fingers through the hair or use wide tooth comb to remove any tangles prior to washing


2. Place your wig in a basin filled with cool water.


3. Work up a leather without rubbing, pulling or tugging the hair. Rinse thoroughly with cool water


4. Squeeze out water and saturate the hair with quality hair conditioner. Let penetrate for 5 minutes


5. Using cool water, rinse and remove the conditioner, washing until thoroughly clean.


6. Gently squeeze out water from hair, pat dry with towel and let the hair air dry naturally



Boss hair first class hair - Boss wigs by BOBBI BOSS are known for their exceptional quality and dependability. With the highest quality hair available in any gorgeous style of your choice - from classic styles to the latest trend-setting looks-BOSS WIGS will empower you to take charge.

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