Chinese virgin Light yaki full lace wigs silk top bleached knots-bw1201

Chinese virgin Light yaki full lace wigs silk top bleached knots-bw1201

SKU: bw1201

Hair origin: 100% Chinese virgin human hair

Hair texture: Light yaki

Photo hair color:#1b

Photo hair length:18 "

Hair density:120%

Cap: Full lace wig / Glueless full lace wig (cap 1/cap 2)

Baby hairs around, bleached knots in the perimter!

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SKU: bw1201

Hair origin: 100% Chinese virgin human hair

Hair texture: Light yaki

Photo hair color:#1b

Photo hair length:18 "

Hair density:120%

Cap: Full lace wig / Glueless full lace wig (cap 1/cap 2)

Baby hairs around, bleached knots in the perimter!

More adds:

1. This light yaki texture is a kind of popular relaxed hair in African American hair, absolutely mimic African American. Very natural looking!

2. It is completely human-made wig.

3. Tangle free; Miimum shedding.

4. Density: 120% (if u need higher density, then it will need around 22 days to make it.)

5. We have two cap type for ur choice: 

    cap1 is regular full lace, need to glue/sew;

    cap2 is glueless full lace with adjustable straps, combs or clips

    (if u prefer one of them, pls mark it in comment box ), no need to glue/sew. 

6. This hair can be curled, straightened.(pls keep temperature under 200 degree) But we don't recommend u to dye/color it unless hair color is natural (unprocessed hair color).

This is full lace wig, you can part it anywhere! front, side, back!

This hair can be worn in ponytails and buns!

18'' color 1b

light yaki full lace wig

120% full density!!

U can wear it in relaxed status! baby hair in around

Chinese virgin light yaki human hair, Our customer make this beautiful style~

Check Our dear customer "shaylamay05" video review  "April Lace Wigs 3 Year Chinese Light Yak Review/Update"


Cap Construction:

Here is our Cap Construction, pls choose the one that u like (see pic below):

cap1 is regular full lace, need to glue/sew;

cap2 is glueless full lace with adjustable straps, combs or clips

 (if u prefer one of them, pls mark it in comment box ), no need to glue/sew. 

Not clear, know more: Cap Construction

Here is Youtube Review: 

How to Choose Cap Size?

Click here if u don't know ur cap size: Cap Size

Hair Care Tips:

once u received ur wig,

1. You can use knot sealer to seal your knots on the underside of your wig after every washing.

2.u can wash it with a little coconut oil and wig shampoo. After washing, when hair is 60% wet, 

u can spray it mixed liquid (coconut oil with water) it will become smooth and gorgeous. 

3. when cleaning wig, pls keep the water temperature in 40-50 degree. 

4. But when conditioning, water temperature needs to be 50-60 degree 

5. (best temperature for wigs to take in olive oil and conditioner), 5 minutes for conditioning.

!!!: Please use neutral shampoo And spring water or distilled water. 

Attention please: Don't use Tap water, the tap water filled with many chlorine and chemicals!! 

which can cause tangling!!

Not Satisfied!

If u are not satisfied with our wigs, pls contact us by email:

if u want to exchange, pls send us pics of extra lace of wig to our email, and tell us the desired item details.

we will do our best to solve ur problem and guarantee 100% customers' satisfaction!

Check this for Return Policy: Return Policy

From Comment
2019-01-03 lakia .... I just received this hair today. Shipping was super fast.
The hair is very soft and silky. Hair loss very thin for 120% density, but it's also very natural looking.
I prefer this hair over my usual kinky straight.
2018-11-02 Nneka .... I always order from these guys the quality is just the best, I went a lil longer this time and I'm loving it
2018-04-16 Anina .... I received my Chinese Virgin silk top full lace wig and I love it!.. It does shed more than I thought but I still love it.. I got it in 12 inch and I'm still trying to get use to putting it on with perfection... I got a cap A but I should of got a cap B.. I got the color black I thought I ordered 1b so when I washed it I saw some black dye didn't like that but I got over it.. Now I'm waiting for my other wig to arrive.. Oh and it took a week for delivery. Thanks ALW
2018-03-21 Anina .... I just bought this unit.. Chinese Virgin light Yaki full lace with silk top on 3-16-2018 and I can't wait to receive it.. I'm like a little child waiting for Christmas to open my gifts! Lol... I'm so excited!! I'm so ready to show it off!! I will take pictures when I get the unit and post them on here.. Thanks April Lace Wigs
2017-12-08 Shardey .... This is my 2nd time ordering this specific wig and my 3rd time ordering from April Lace Wigs. The wig is lovely! I would recommend ordering the Chinese hair to get the most out of the wigs. The first one I bought lasted 3 years and was still in perfect shape, but I ruined it by 'experimenting' with scissors. LOL Even my husband is amazed by how realistic the silk top is. He was like 'How do they do that?' Haha! Everyone thinks it's a sew-in and is constantly asking me who does my hair...little do they know, issa wig! They're a tad expensive, but trust me, you get your money's worth!
2017-11-26 Mary .... I purchase this wig, today and would like clips, please!!
2017-02-13 Tara .... Okay I am in love with the unit I order it in the color 6 and it came today ! when I say it the most realistic wig I've ever seen.. I purchased my first wig from wow African and tho I believe the hair quality might be better there is no doubt that this unit looks like it growing from my head .... and my other unit was great but it was great for a wig , this is way more detailed in my opinion I purchase both my wigs with my own money . I will purchase again and again... found my hair company !!!
2017-01-12 carolyn .... Hello Aprillace,
I simple love, love, your site, you are truly the best in silk tops, and hair quality. I really like the custom wigs because I like less density along with different colors. I have not yet had a custom order, but my next order will bet just that. You are amazing and please never change. I have gone to others and they just can’t compete to you. I have recently referred you to family, and friends. You are the best, I highly recommend you to anyone that ask me about a good wig online site. I love my new wig I just order a new one on January 2, 2017. The new Chinese virgin light yaki full lace wig silk top with bleached knots W-bw1201. This is a beautiful unit and hair quality is amazing another successful purchase and the shipping is so fast customer service nice.
2016-11-03 Andrea .... I am so happy with my chinesse yaki 20in with silk top. It is beautiful and as described by the YouTubers I follow. I am so happy that I made the purchase. I look forward to my next purchase from AprilLacewigs!
2016-08-27 Ja'Neil .... I would love to purchase this wig, and would like combs not clips, please!!
2016-08-02 Shaye .... I recently purchased this hair & it's my first time purchasing any wig. I really love this hair . But I was just wondering is it 100% human hair? .. I'm not having trouble with this hair I was just wondering. Thank you
2016-07-22 Erica .... Thank you for making the correction to Cap2 Glue less full lace and combs sewn in. I love you wigs and this will be my second one. Thanks again.
2016-07-05 kenn .... I purchased my first Light Yaki glueless 16 inch wig
1 1/2 years ago, which was the best and longest lasting unit I've ever owned. I wore it DAILY because I was transitioning my hair from permed to natural.
2016-03-16 Kayla .... First of all the shipping was extremely fast. Ordered the unit Friday night and received it Tuesday afternoon. Tried it on and I'm absolutely in love! Very pretty, light, and natural looking.
2016-03-08 kenn .... I received my brazilian virgin lace wig some weeks back and i am absolutely in love with this hair. The hair is gorgeous and natural looking. so far i have had no shedding and no tangling. The customer service is amazing. This was my fifth purchase from this company and its not my last. My number 1 hair company so far and i recommend anybody looking for natural looking wig and good customer service to try it out. April lace wig keep up the good work!!!!
2015-11-11 Jennifer .... I Just recieve my wig and I love it. The silk top look so natural. I don't try to curl it yet but it look so nice l'île m'y natural hair. Thanks à lot april lace wig for the fastest delivery and thé beautiful that I have
2015-10-30 priscila .... I write in Portuguese....É a minha primeira,serviço logístico é eficiente, quando chegou minha peruca fiquei impressionada com a quantidade de cabelo que caia,a queda era tanta que não utilizei ,até descobrir o que teria que fazer. Liguei para central de atendimento AprilLace, que me informaram que deveria fazer uma selagem e foi o que fiz contudo reduziu um pouco mas continua caindo a peruca é linda foi perfeita o problema é a dificuldade de pentea-la pos o cabelos partem e quebram.Não é uma peruca para usa-la diariamente fiz apenas 3 lavagem comprei na cor#1, o cabelo estar se desbotando para a cor vermelha e amarela ele é muito bonito sedoso e macio mas não serve para o uso diário.
2015-10-15 Adaisha .... I received my
2015-10-10 Lorna .... Niceeeee hair, can hold curls well, gorgeous, all i can say is love,ombessed--
2015-09-29 Amanda .... This is my second time purchasing this unit. I really loved my first unit. The second unit is ok, but the hairs on the silk top are way too thick. My first unit I could part and the hairs would lay down flat, with this unit, I've been trying for a whole week to lay my part flat and nothing is working. It is very frustrating and disappointing!
2015-08-19 Sharon .... I am returning a Indian Remy unit due to the short split ends at the top which I had a problem with as it made the hair stick up and look split endish from top to bottom on a 22" @150 density. The unit is beautiful and full, but I didn't like the look of it with all the split ends. I am thinking to exchange for this unit. Has anyone experienced or had a problem with the short ends sticking up or being frizzy which may make the unit tangle? I will also get at 150 density as I like it full and if it sheds, it will take a while for it to thin out easily. I've read nothing but positive reviews except one. It could have been the shampoo/conditioner she used in washing which made it tangle and unwearable?? Please respond and let me know your experience. Thank you kindly.
2015-04-18 Shanell .... I got this unit today and it is wonderful. I love thetexture and very natural look. Cant wait to rock it for my bday
2015-02-26 T .... I have ordered this unit 3 times and I have been satisfied each time. However, the last unit had a very thick hairline, but after tweezing the unit it was perfect. I have washed the units several times & have worn them for months. I have a 1, 1b, & 2 with silktops. This company gets 5 out 0f 5 stars!
2015-02-01 Antonio .... I must say that I was a little scared at first to get this unit , but I am so happy I order this omg so soft and it holds curls great , and yes I will be ordering again and the silk top I love it and once again so saint and minimal tangling compare to what I've dealt with this is nothing thanks April lace
2014-12-30 Margaret .... This wig is absolutely amazing!!! I just like the way it feels super-soft and real. I ordered colour 4 and its perfect. Its my first time buying a wig, my sister bought one and told me about it so i thought i'd try it.... and i love it.
2014-12-22 Allyson .... This is a very nice wig. I purchased 1B, 12inches.
2014-12-07 Portia .... Two words to describe this unit, "Top Notch"!!! I love it! It's a 24in glue-less silk top unit and I am completely satisfied as of this moment... Let me wear it a bit and give a more detailed review in the near future :)!
2014-12-07 Cheree .... I must say I was a little nervous ordering from alw. I just have a hard time trusting any order placed outside of the US, but needless to say I was happy with my wig. the silk top is amazing!!, exact like my scalp, 3 months now,I still love the wig. The hair is gorgeous. I will be ordering another one for back up.
2014-12-03 Marfa .... This is my very first review ever! After a long research I decided to order this wig and I had also seen Lakiastar's review on youtube. This is my 1st lacewig and I have to say that I am EXTREMELY happy with this wig and with the customer service. Since it was my first time purchasing a wig I had so many questions and everytime Ms. April replied back to my emails within a day. The hair on this wig is amazing it is exactly like African-American relaxed hair and the silk top is DA BOMB!!!!! I have nothing but good things to say about this company and wig. There is very little shedding and no tangling at all. The fast delivery was also an added bonus as the wig was send within 4 days of ordering it online. Once again I am a very happy customer and I will be back soon to purchase another wig from this website. Good job Ms. April and Company keep up the good work!!!!
2014-11-08 mary .... I ordered this wig 6 months ago and I love it. It's so mimics my hair color and texture it looks just like my hair. It's still as vibrant and beautiful with body after all this time. I ordered the full lace with silk top. I'm ordering again but this time I want to try the full lace with no silk just to see the difference. I will always order this wig. It's been awesome.
2014-10-10 Candeece .... I ordered this wig Feb 23 and I must say it is simply amazing! I am super happy with results and it's been 4 months :) Also I purchased another wig on yesterday because I was super impressed and I plan on order more wigs from Aprils-Lace-Wigs.. A girl can never have to many wigs and beautiful wigs at that:D

2014-10-02 Gwendelien .... Delivery was fast, exactly 7 days. Maybe it could have been faster if there was no bank holiday in between. The hair is lovely, the texture is very soft and nice. It is of very good quality. I order 20", glueless cap small, color 1b and with silk top. The silk top is fantastic as you can part the hair very well and look likes real scalp. The cap has enough clips to secure your wig safely. 6 clips in total. I styled the wig by curling it with a curling wand and it did curl very well. The only thing I found is the color 1b was to dark contrast with my skin color. So the next time I will order a brownish color. I really like this wig and I am very happy with my purchase. Highly recommendable.
2014-06-02 Krychna .... Love this hair so much. I bought this and it mimics afro american hair (relaxed). I got this baby in 3 days!!! Ordered Fri came on Monday!!!! I would suggest getting a silk top!! I am so pleased with the product that I will be ordering more from them!
2014-05-28 Alicia .... Ok so I NEVER put reviews, but this wig os so good I had to come back and comment. It is so beautiful, great quality, they delivered all the way across the world in 3 days, gift included. I am impressed not only with the wig but the service. Good Job!
2014-05-24 Jalisa .... Shipping was totally unbelievable!!! Great Job ALW!! This is my first yaki wig and hair in general. I must say that I like silky over yaki. Silky matches my real hair more. This yaki is so hard to curl and I just kinda wish I could give it back. I tried layering it a bit to help the curls, no bueno!! I really dont know what to do or how to wear this wig :/ its 22inches 1b small light brown cap. Im not used to this texture!
2014-02-11 Deveshia .... I've has this wig for a year now! and it still holding up just like it was when i took it out the box. The hair is still full, bouncy, no tangling but there is minimal shedding. I recommend you to wash this hair with silicion mix shampoo, and deep condition it for about 5 hours and i promise you it will stay as lovely as it was when you first took it out of the box. The silk top is amazing, I have gottens tons of compliments on this hair. Some people even think it is my own hair. I am have made a second purchase from this company and hope to have the same experience with that unit as well.
2013-12-03 Arlene .... Hello ladies, if you buy some lottabody setting lotion and mix it two parts water to one part lottabody, spray the hair with the solution and flexi rod it, you will have beautiful tight curls on this unit that lasts over 2 weeks. You can also set it on flexi rods without product but those curls will only last a day or two. I love this unit though, one of my favorites!
2013-12-03 Michelle .... I LOVE THIS UNIT!!!!!! Ok I ordered a chines virgin 14 inch 1B silktop full gluelees lace Friday and received it today on monday all the way from china! I reviewed several YouTube videos before buying. I'm sold on the Chinese virgin. The silktop is perfect for my skin complexion. The only thing was all the wig clips. I don't like wig clips I prefer combs because wig clips feel as though they are pulling your hair. But I will remove some of the clips and replace with combs. Im wearing the wig with a middle part and it looks amazing. A little shedding when I first combed it but not a lot. I do see what everybody is saying about demarcation but a little concealer and bam! Thanks ALW!
2013-12-01 Deirdre .... This was my first wig purchase but I have had it for about 2 months so I feel I can give a good review. Pros: Like others my wig came in like 5 or 6 days -super fast! Shipment is amazing and the wig was packaged very well. Also, I ordered the course yaki indian remy and I have to say I was very impressed with the texture and look of the hair. It really does mimic African American permed or pressed hair. The color was 1b which was nice and the baby hairs adds another "realness" feel to it. I ordered 14" inches thinking that would be modest but I swear they add an extra inch or two. Cons: I ordered a silk top thinking that it would look the best-yes, it looks like hair is growing from your scalp BUT that line of demarcation from the edge of the hairline where lace meets the silk bugs me to no end. That and I ordered a large size cap which I think was too large for me even though I always considered myself as having a large head. Both of these factors cause an unnatural hairline where the part is and I can't get it to lie flat on my head even though I added an elastic band. I even pulled some of the baby hairs and tried re-bleaching just that area in front of the silktop but I can still see the gridlines of the lace-especially since it doesn't lie flat. Chalk it up to lesson learned but I will not buy another silktop until they have mastered that demarcation line. This is way too much money to be self conscious about the parting. I may have to cut bangs to overcome this flaux. Other than that I love the hair quality and speed of shipment. Plus customer service is pretty responsive.
2013-11-21 lesley .... i ordered my wig on a tuesday night and got it fri. I almost had it a week now and i absolutely LOVE IT! i hope it lasts for a long time at least a yr..there almost no shedding and it curls pretty good in my complaints so far...I LOVE IT..will keep you guys posted
2013-11-10 Lisa .... I'm a real person.. I had purchased this wig last November 2012 and love it. It had lasted me a whole year, so I repurchased it Chinese light yaki and OMG!
2013-11-06 Jacqueline .... I just received my wig yesterday. I ordered it Nov 1st. I have spent alot of money ordering wigs from the other big name wig merchant (you know who they are believe me). Their wigs were NOTHING like advertised. The quality ofthe hair itself was good but the actual construction of the wig itselt not to my standard. Straight out of the box, I immediately knew that this wig is everything I would want. The density of 120% is amazing. It is full and wonderful. The length is as it should be. It even seems longer than 24 inches! The only thing that I feel can be improved upon is having the combs instead of the clips but no worries, I will add them myself. The silk top is AMAZING! The way the wig lays on my head is AMAZING. I am an extremely happy customer and believe me when I say that I am not easily impressed by anything! Thank you April!!!
2013-10-02 Leshondra .... first time lace wiggie!! this is my first purchase ever of a wig of any kind. I purchased, because i was looking for a very natural style that would protect my natural hair. I ordered my wig on Thursday at like 4 am lol so Friday in china and i got my package via DHL to Florida on MONDAY! great shipping time. the hair is flawless, it looks amazing. The curls hold extremely well, i put no product in the hair and i wanded it the same night it and the curls lasted beautifully, the only issue i had was the color, i ordered a color 1 and its a bit too dark for my personal liking so next time i will order a 2 or 4 something more brown, but the wig and hair is awesome, worth the money. thank you i will definitely purchase all my units from here. i will do an updated review. So for any ladies who are not familiar or nervous because its coming from another country and really pricey. don't worry customer service is great and i hope this site doesnt ever change their process.
2013-09-29 Ashley .... I've had this unit for almost 2 months.Pros: It looks great. Texture is beautiful! Cons: I purchased the clueless with silk top. Personally my #2 looks like a 1b. I can't perfect the front due to the design its not seamless so I'll always wear the unit with a swoop. The top is poofy I flatten it often. I need to research more on how to prevent this. The hair is not as thick as I would like it from root to tips. The hair curls terribly. If you want straight hair then great if you want to curl this unit you will be disappointed. Sidenote I haven't tried flexirods with styling foam maybe I'll have better luck. All in all the hairs is beautiful. When I learn to work the front I would recommend to others.
2013-08-18 hawa .... i got this unit yesterday and its just woow ! im in love :) its soft and looks so natural , it like my real hair ! i highly recommend this wig its worth it .
2013-08-17 brittany .... brought this wig on tuesday it came friday so shipping was really fast. the hair feels so great and looks super natural my only complaint is that i brought a 12 inch and it was a little too short for my taste. but overall i love this wig and will definitely order from this company again
2013-08-17 brittany .... brought this wig on tuesday it came friday so shipping was really fast. the hair feels so great and looks super natural my only complaint is that i brought a 12 inch and it was a little too short for my taste. but overall i love this wig and will definitely order from this company again
2013-07-28 catherine .... I bought the Chinese virgin light yaki 120 density 12 inches after first buying an Indian Remy body wave 14 from another company. The Indian Remy was nice, but it was 150 density (too much hair) and shedded a lot. Plus the 1b color I ordered was more like a 2. So I decided to try LaceWigsFront after viewing a YouTube review of one of their units. I've got to say that I love this wig. It looks and feel like permed Afro American hair. At first I thougt the 12 inches may have been too short because although the 120 density was perfect, the ends were thin. However, after putting it on and styling it, I realized that the thin ends made it look so natural. I'm loving it! The only thing is that it doesn't hold curls all day, but not a big deal. The silk top makes the parting look so natural that it's amazing. I will never buy another full lace wig without the silk top. I ordered my unit on a Friday night and received it on the following Wednesday. I plan to order more in the future.

2013-07-07 Shawnette .... love unit. i had to do some tweeking myself because the lace color was too light and i tweezed some hairs out in my part b/c it didnt really match my natural hair density. i wear my wig a quarter of an inch or less behind my hairline. it looks great. ppl are fooled all the time b/c of the texture, body and movement it has. My only problem is that for the life of me i cant get it to curl. Gold n hot ceramic iron and all it just wont hold a curl! other than that i love the unit. i guess itll just have to be my straight wig :(.
Can anyone give tips on how to put long lasting curls in this unit?
2013-06-27 Adetola .... I have never left a comment on a hair purchase before but I just had to this time. I love this hair! I am not one to spend too much time maintaining hair and this is perfect for me. Once I wash and condition it, I don't need to flat iron or curl it, I just put it on and it works perfect for me. I love wearing straight hair. I decided to go natural about a year ago and I needed a protective hair style so I just cornrow my hair underneath and wear this wig. This is top quality hair guys with the right density because I like my hair on the fuller side and shipping was fast too. I will be placing another order with them soon.
2013-06-07 Shariya .... Ok, I am so in love with this wig, I love that it takes no effort to apply or wear or make it look nice. All I have to do is brush it and go! I had this unit for almost 3 months with minimal shedding and damn near no tangling, love this wig!!
2013-05-18 Angel .... I'm new to wigs and I had no idea of what I was doing. The wig came really fast, I love the hair, color 1b is more like a 2. The hair is really nice like African American perm hair. I had to return the unit because I ordered a large size cap and it was way too big for my head. When I emailed customer service, they were very understanding and ask that I return the unit. It took a little while to get to them, once received they were very prompt to let me know that my unit was received. I was given the choice of a refund or exchange, I opt for refund on one unit and exchange on the other. My refund was also very fast. I think I need to carefully watch more videos on YT before I place me next exchange. I also love how professional they have been.
2013-05-15 JoAnna .... This comment is for everyone who's wants to know about the Chinese Virgin Glueless Unit, especially Nomusa in South Africa, that's a long way to order a unit and not be happy so I hope this helps. I ordered the Glueless Chinese Virgin Unit, 18 inches, silk top with bleached knots and baby hairs on May the 4th...I received it on May the 10th. To be honest I had some issues with the delivery, but I stayed in constant contact with LWF and DHL, and got my piece a day after I was expecting it to that's not really a big deal, but if you have to have it on a specific day, I would suggest that you contact LWF and ask them what day you should place your order according to that day that you need it. now onto the actual is sooooo beautiful and soft, I've only had it for about 4 days, but I love it. I ordered 18 inches and it actually seems like about 20, which is fine by me. I don't usually wear my hair this long, but it's fun, so I will keep it long for a while. The silk top is decent, I've seen better, however you would have to pay a whole lot more than what LWF is charging, so I am not complaining about that. The density of this wig is great. When I ordered this wig I asked them in the comment section of the order form to be sure that my density was 120%, like they advertise in the video on the site of this unit. I did that because I've read some reviews as well as looked at some youtube video reviews where they've said that this unit was thin...well honey, mine is full and luscious!!! The clips on the side are a bit annoying, but they do hold it in place, I may replace them with some small wig comes??? That's not a big deal either. So overall I have to say I am very very satisfied, and my money was well spent. The customer service is very good, they get back to you quickly if you have an issue or question and that says alot. If the customer service is poor, then you can believe that their product is not up to par, however LWF did not disappoint in that area. I will be posting another comment in about a month or so to let you guys know how my unit is holding up. It's important that we do these reviews to keep each other informed because even though for some ( probaby many!) money may be tight...we still gotta look right!! In closing, I think I will definitely be ordering from LWF in the future. more thing, which is very important, I have a small head and ordered the small cap size and it's still a bit too large, so keep that in mind. But that's not a big issue for me either, because the hair is so spectacular!! And as far as it holding a does curl, but maybe because of the length that I have, the curl only lasts for a few hours. I'm gonna roll/set it and see how that works out. I'll keep you posted!!! Thank you LWF...and bye to my girls!!! (Keep those "honest" reviews coming!):))
2013-05-15 Nomusa .... Hey guys, I'm kinda new at this but I wana order this chinese virgin light yaki, but I'm scared it's not realistic, I've seen the indian remy bt I feel its to shiny n wavy... Please help! I want to get everything right the first time, I've saved up for this! I cnt afford any mistakes_ *ps : I'm from south africa, lace wigs aren't easy to find on this side of the world! LOL!
2013-04-02 gary .... Ordered this wig Monday, was surprised to see it shipped today(Tuesday morning) fingers crossed it hets here before Saturday(Trip to Seattle) gotta look fab. :)
2013-03-17 Kendrah .... I ordered this wig in 12 inches two weeks ago and wanted to wear it for a while before reviewing. Overall, it's a good quality wig. The hair has minimal shedding, but I suggest sealing the knots, as with any other wig, to refrain from excessive shedding over time (I am nowhere near a hair expert, but I find spraying the inside of the wig cap with Pump It Up spritz works very well. If that doesn't hold, nothing will lol). The hair itself is very soft and silky, but it also has a nice texture. It's also manageable and stays in place (you won't find yourself combing and brushing all day, which is a plus). It doesn't have ANY hint of a wave pattern when wet, so if you're looking for something that will have even the slightest curl after air air drying, this wig is not for you. Chinese hair is, for the most part, universally naturally straight, and that't what you're getting. Unlike other reviews I've read on here, the hair really did hold a curl, no styling products needed. When I curl it, it usually lasts about three days before I need to touch it up. My favorite part about the wig is how fast it arrived! I ordered on a Monday morning and it was in my hands Thursday afternoon. DHL plays no games. Overall, the hair looks great and very natural, which is exactly what I wanted. I would also highly recommend the silk top. It looks so NATURAL and no one will know you're wearing a wig unless you style it wrong. I will be ordering from here again.
2013-03-13 Kinyetta .... OK I'm back so I've had my unit for 2 weeks now and it's good but next time I will get something more silker and order light brown silk top it was a strang redish color but nothing a little concealer couldn't fix. Don't get me wrong the hair is great but it doesn't hold a curl to well and I get more a little tangling but other wise I like it.Thanks
2013-02-26 Kinyetta .... I ordered my wig on a Thursday and I got it on today it's a Monday... I had my mom bring it to my job because I was super excited to see how it was....And omg my god I love it straight out the box it feels so good can't wait to wash her and put her on... And the silk top looks just like a scalp OMG I'm in love so far
2013-02-22 Anise .... Not all day long
2013-02-13 Sdmv .... Does it hold a curl
2013-02-05 Saretha .... I just bought a chinese virgin light yaki wig hair is really nice but I would prefer combs instead of clips, how does those clips really work for stabillity also the adjustable straps can't seem to find a way to pull them to make wig more stable. I have a small head. any comments welcome
2013-02-01 Laura .... This unit is Beautiful.. Received it Monday. I've purchase 2 units from in the past... But, they where nothing like this one( I was not a happy camper)smh!!! BUT--->>The hair on this unit is very, very nice, sheds a little but nothing knot sealer or hair spray can't take care of... The cap, is PERFECT!!! I have a very small head and the fit is perfect.. You guys sold me on this unit.. You have made a hard working woman, a true believer in your product :) A++
2013-01-03 Tamika .... So excited to get my wig! Ill post another comment when it gets here!!!
2012-12-21 Anise .... I've had this if for 5 months, i've ombre the hair, put heat & everything under the sun ith it, still feel soft, gets thickk when i wash it & shines! The onlt tangling is when i hand wash her, sheadding happens also but only when i wash her & its not much, so nothing when its dried, good & TRUE virgin hair, good hair company, trust it for all my hair now, brought twice from this site
2012-07-02 Glo .... Absolute gorgeous!!!, this is the best human hair i have ordered.., the chinese virgin hair is thick and full!!!, fast shipping and good customer service... high recommend lacewigsfront.
2012-07-02 Joyce .... I got this chinese virgin hair 3days,
This was the quickest shipped wig that I've received, This Full Lace wig is very full!!. It may be thicker due to it's virgin hair. I curl it to make a wave look. For me personally it looks better wave rather than straight. this wig was made very brilliant! Beautiful!! and I'm so glad,As always I will be purchasing more wig from in the very near future

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