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FreeTress Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Senegalese Twist Large

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FreeTress Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Senegalese Twist Large‚Äč

  • Crochet Braid
  • Strands: 36 individual strands
  • It is easy to crochet the hair and complete the style
  • Senegal Twist has twists from the top to the bottom of the hair. 
  • Each of the strands is hand-tied so that it is twisted precisely, preventing untangling. 

FreeTress is made of fiber exclusively developed to resemble the touch and feel of human hair.


Total Record 7
  • | Great buy

    charlene [ 12/23/2016 ]
    Easy to install, lasts long, had them in two months, very little frizz. Look fresh for a long time.
  • | Love love this hair

    Jaquaya [ 04/29/2016 ]
    I brought 14 packs but only used 10 ...was my first time doing Crochet and it was fast and super easy .I had them in for like 4 weeks then took them out washed them and unraveled them and redid my hair ..... will definitely be ordering this hair again.....
  • | Love This Hair

    Kayla [ 12/18/2015 ]
    I bought 14 packs just to be safe. I ended up using 8.5. Very easy install. 2 hours only. The twists do get frizzy but not too bad. I've had them in for a week now. I haven't experienced any unraveling. I'll definitely purchase again.
  • | Good!

    Patrice [ 11/04/2015 ]
    I got six packs of color 27. Hair is soft and easy to install. My twists came out in nice layers with the longest length at my tailbone. I'm 5'5". The hair does unravel...I had two pieces I had to burn the ends and it does get fuzzy rather fast. Still looks great though! I've been rocking them almost 4 weeks
  • | Easy

    GALE [ 09/26/2015 ]
    I have bought#33, 6 pks (20 to 22 braids in a pk) but wasnt enough. Easy to install which was 2 hrs and excluding the 45 min for braid pattern in a crown. I had worn these for 3 wks(could have gone longer but the corn rolls were loosening up) and the braids still looked good ,and the ends "didnt" unravel like some other brands of the senegalese pretwisted braids. Overall I would recommend this hair ,But I wished they would put "More" braids in the pks to keep customers in buying this product.
  • | LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

    Ido [ 06/22/2015 ]
    I bought the blue braids and they look AMAZING! The compliments don't stop! I bought 5 bags...but that was definitely not enough. You only get a small amount of braids in each package and so I was only able to finish half of my head with what I ordered. Fortunately, the beauty supply store down the street had the same product, but with small twists. When it was all said and done I used 6 more bags of hair, so 11 total. It looks beautiful and I definitely recommend it.
  • | Love it!

    Candace [ 05/05/2015 ]
    Love this hair!!! Twist are neat and very soft to the touch. Also love the color I chose tt30. This was my first time attempting a crochet style and I'm in love. The only thing is I didn't purchase enough hair. I purchased 4 bags but needed at least 6. Wish more twist came in a bag. But at 4.99 I guess I can't complain. Tried to order 2 more bags so that I could finish my hair but they are now out of stock. :( So will upload pics later

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FreeTress Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids Senegalese Twist Large

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