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FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie

Item Number : 30081199


FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie



  • Synthetic wigs should be washed in cool water with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • Do not scrub the wig, just submerge in clean water then swish it from side to side and up and down.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel, then place the wig on a wig stand or styrofoam head to dry while maintaining original styles.
  • Lastly, spray sheen or wig conditioner onto the wig and comb gently.


  • Do not use hot curler at regular setting. This fiber can only be curled at 380'F-400'F.
  • If wig hair gets frizzy, try any sheen spray or wig spray to calm the frizziness and then comb.
  • If the wig get tangled, use any detangling or sheen spray then comb the hair.


  • Any hair products can be used on wigs, such as hair spray, mouse, gel, etc. since the wigs are washable and reusable.


  • While wigs are not in use, they may be stored in a hair net and plastic bag or on a wig stand, such as styrofoam head.
FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie
special mix color

FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie
special mix color

FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie
special mix color

FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie
special mix color

FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie
special mix color

Total Record 42
  • | Charlie is awesome

    Lisa [ 09/20/2017 ]
    I purchased the OM30GOLD and the 1B and could not be happier! The style, quality and the feel is amazing. You cannot even tell it is a wig!
  • | Love

    Quita [ 07/26/2017 ]
    This wig is everything. Bought 2 more. She is the "Truth". No shedding and easy styling.
  • | Love this wig

    Slovia [ 07/24/2017 ]
    Absolutely love this wig. It is gorgeous.
  • | Fabulous Go To!

    Melissa [ 05/26/2017 ]
    For the office or night on the town! This unit is great. I have in two colors and I love them both. No shedding or tangling. OM99J350 & OM2730613
  • | Love this wig

    Quanzette [ 05/03/2017 ]
    I cut the bangs a little. There''s not much to do to this wig but put it on and just finger comb it
  • | Loving Charlie

    Patricia [ 05/03/2017 ]
    I just love love my Charlie wig it is so simple and of course I cut it to fit my face it does not shed its soft and looks like my real hair. I will be purchasing her in a different color. Don''t sleep on her or the many colors they offer..
  • | Perfect Spring/Summer Wig

    Minerva [ 04/24/2017 ]
    This hair is perfect if you are looking for a quick hairstyle during the hot months. I highly recommend this hair! Doesn''t shed, great color selection.
    Watch my full review about this hair here:
  • | I Love Charlie!

    Lynda [ 04/23/2017 ]
    I purchased Charlie in the colors of 99J, OM30Gold and UN430. I love all three of them!
  • | Bomb

    Hannah [ 04/22/2017 ]
    Realistic beautifully made, I live that the bang part it full and it is big head friendly without combs in it, really loved it
  • | Another view

    Alesia [ 04/11/2017 ]
    Wearing Charelief with a hat.

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FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie

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