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Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids African Roots Braid Collection Nu Locs 18"

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Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids African Roots Braid Collection Nu Locs 18"

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    Nailah [ 10/10/2017 ]
    These are my fave faux locs! I purchased them so I could see what I would look like with locs because I plan on locing my hair in January. They look natural, they aren''t heavy, and I got so many compliments on them...I took my 1st set down Sunday, and I''m putting them back in today. They are just fabulous.
  • | Best hair ever

    beniteba [ 10/03/2017 ]
    I used 5 pack out of 6 I bought. Hair feel natural.
  • | True locs

    beniteba [ 10/03/2017 ]
    I soooo love this hair. Feel like it grew out of my scalp after I installed it. Will definitely purchase more of it.
  • | Most natural crotchets ever!

    SUMMER [ 08/27/2017 ]
    These are the most natural and easy to maintain locs ever! I''ve got more compliments on my hair since installation. Everyone thinks they are mine I''ve only had 2 people who approached me to ask if they were crochets. They are light versatile reusable and easy to maintain. I used 5.5 packs of the 18". 4-#4, 1-#BUG 1-M27/GOLD. The only cons are the pre-made loops are a tad bit difficult to open and the minor grooming after a few weeks of loose strands that must be cut to decrease locs tangling when you style and finger comb. But I love them and it will be my go to protective style from here on out. I had individuals around my perimeter and crotchet on cornrows in the middle.
  • | The best faux locs!!!

    Annika [ 03/15/2017 ]
    I loveeeee this hair. They''re the most natural looking crochet faux locs I''ve ever gotten. Lots of crochet locs look shiny and fake, but these ones have a curl and feel the looks natural. I used 6 pacs for my style, will definitely be purchasing again.
  • | Love iiiiit

    Krystal [ 12/09/2016 ]
    Like it a lot got a lot of compliments on it
  • | Love em

    JoAnna [ 11/02/2016 ]
    Took me 9 packs for a full luscious look. Feels EXACTLY LIKE REAL DREADS TO THE T

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Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids African Roots Braid Collection Nu Locs 18"

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