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Amour Synthetic Kanekalon Crochet Braids Natty Goddess Dreadlocks 16"

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Amour Synthetic Kanekalon Crochet Braids Natty Goddess Dreadlocks 16"

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  • | Nice looking but Heavy

    Tamara [ 01/20/2017 ]
    I purchased the 20 inches & these dreads are really cute and stylish. However I will say, because of their length they are heavy (actually caused my neck to hurt, believe it or not) and difficult to wrap/shower with, etc. Not sure if i''ll purchase again but they are very stylish and nice looking. The ends do not unravel and they look realistic (with a soft look rather then a rough texture)
  • | I love them

    Carleigh [ 01/06/2017 ]
    great. Love these locs. I want locs so bad and this is great medium.
  • | Pretty much ruined @ least one pack

    Yolanda [ 12/30/2016 ]
    I really wanted this style I have used 16inch before, but, all they had was 20in. I did not expect other than the length to be different. The 20in is so soft I damn near ruined an entire pack due to it being so stringy and coming apart when crocheting in my hair. The look is fine once I was done but, it was very annoying putting them in.
  • | BRING BACK THE 16inch!

    Michele [ 12/09/2016 ]
    First of all, this is nothing like the 16inch. Totally different feel/texture/ construction. The 16inch were more realistic in touch and looks. This 20inch is more soft and springy like the other faux locs. The 16inch had its problems, like LOTS of JACKED UP loops but besides the wasted hair in unusable loops, it was perfection. The 16inch was also better length. The 20inch is longer than 20inch and way too long. It''s still wearable and at least the loops are better on the 20inch but I prefer the 16inch for the length and texture.

    Tracy [ 11/26/2016 ]
    Please let me know when this hair is back in stock in the 16" length. Also, the hair does shed ... a little at first ... the longer you wear the more it does it. Not enough for me not to use again. just buyer be aware notice.
  • | regular

    shamara [ 11/23/2016 ]
    I thought this hair was 16" but it is 20" and too long for me the hair lose its curl Pattern after 2week
  • | Not what I expected.

    Aramide [ 11/22/2016 ]
    I saw the reviews and I loved them... But, when I got them and installed them.... First ''20 is very long im 5''1 and they come to my butt. My problem is the ends. Some were good some were not. it started matting. It''s a nightmare. The curl pattern is gone.. and I''ve only had them for two weeks.
  • | Not the same quality as the 16"!

    Nicky [ 11/10/2016 ]
    I previously purchased the 16" Goddess Dreads by the same company. They were so light, very wavy/curly and lasted 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance. I received many compliments and people always thought they were real dreads. Then they went out of stock for a while. In reviews, some people complained that the 16" locs were actually longer and that it should be noted. So when these 20" locs appeared in stock, I thought maybe the manufacturer just repackaged the 16" ones as 20" locs. Wrong! These locs are definitely 20" - so they are super long. They are very heavy, not curly and have been unraveling since day one. The only pro about them is that they are softer and lay flatter at the crown so it''s not as bulky on top, but again, they are really heavy. I will not purchase these ever again. Please bring back the 16" locs with the previously quality.
  • | Very disappointed

    Shakina [ 10/20/2016 ]
    I bought the hair because of the raving reviews. I love the way it looked. I just knew it was going to be a great look for me. First I thought I was going to get a 16"inch but I got a 20". When I got it installed it became really really heavy so then I started pulling some out. Then the curl pattern disappeared. I paid for this hair thinking I was going to keep it until the week of thanksgiving. But I''m going to cut it out. I''m a hairstylist so I said well let me cut it. The worst decision ever. I totally wasted my money and so unhappy about it.
  • | A1

    Tia [ 10/15/2016 ]
    I really like this hair. The only reason I didn''t give it 5 stars is because it has a shiny look. A lot of the faux locs do, and that sheen makes it look less natural imo. Also, do NOT dip the ends in hot water. This hair has a nice bounce/spring to it. Dipping it in hot water will make it look flat and doesn''t prevent the ends from unraveling.

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Amour Synthetic Kanekalon Crochet Braids Natty Goddess Dreadlocks 16"

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