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  Washing & Caring Instructions
- Brush the Wig thoroughly with Wig brush to remove teasing and tangles.
- Soak the Wig in lukewarm water with Wig shampoo.
- Swish gently until the Wig is washed. Rinse in lukewarm water till shampoo residue is gone.
- Rinse again with Wig conditioner for shine and softness.
- Let Wig dry naturally by hanging it on the plastic Wig stand or laying it on the towel in shade area.
- Most curls will come back to the original shape when Wig is completely dried. 

* Description

Customer Reviews

Love!!! Very Natural Looking Review by Lili
Love this wig!!!! This is the second wig I have of this style. Shedding is normal not much at all. Prefer curly style over straight. Looks so natural and doesn't feel like you have a wig on. My go to wig the only one I wear that's why I order the second. Try it out it's a great wig. (Posted on 3/4/17)
VERY Natural looking ! Review by clg
I finally purchaSed this wig and I love this wig . The texture is very VERY natural looking; soft, minimal shedding and very little tangling.
My only complaint, the parting is minimal (3/4'). I have it in 1b and its a natural black. its looks like a 2 or dark 4. but i love the color. not shinny

I will purchased more in the furture.

(Posted on 2/4/14)
Satisfy Customer Review by Lailah
I love this wig and bought two of the Passion Wave. The texture is very natural looking; density on point, soft, minimal shedding and very little tangling. I did not experience the shedding others have said; perhaps Vella Vella stepped up their game. My only complaint, the lace itself is a bit stiff (but I'm now use to it) and the parting is minimal (3/4').

i prefer to wear this wig curly and I can tell you, I had many compliments because it's very natural looking. I've seen other ladies with curly lf that look stiff and dry, this wig, does not disappoint. It's a great look for the Summer! (Posted on 8/3/12)
Satisfy Customer Review by Lailah
I bought two of the Passion wave lacefronts. That's how much I love this wig. I prefer to wear it curly. The texture of the hair is soft; natural looking; no tangles and the shedding is minimal. Actually, I have not had the shedding some reviwers talked about. Maybe Vellla Vella stepped up their game.

The reason for 4 stars, the lace is a bit hard and the parting space is minimal (3/4'). Other than that, I love the wig. I would recommend this product. It's a great summer time look!

(Posted on 8/3/12)
Vella Vella Lace Wig Passion Great for summer Review by Dani
I love this wig, however it only has about 3/4 lace in the front. If you part the wig the wrong way you will be able to see the tracks in the front. I've been wearing it with a few front pieces to the side to prevent the tracks from showing. I've been wearing it for about a month now and it has shed quite a bit of hair. Also, I dyed the wig blonde but the color showed up as a faded brown and the texture also changed. I am scared to color it again with fear that I will ruin the wig.
Overall, the wig is great for the summer because you can wet it throw some moose on it and go! (Posted on 6/3/12)
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