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- These short cut style wigs are easily handled, and made with top quality human hair

Customer Reviews

TOO SMALL and TOO SHORT Review by Linda
I received this wig a few days ago, and I was shocked: first, by how very short it is and nothing like the picture advertised: second, I have a very small head and it is too little for me !! I am very disappointed that you would advertise with the picture you have featured. There is no return label, which means now I have pay to return the wig falsely advertised !!!!! It is now, doubtful that I will ever order from you again.

Linda (Posted on 4/23/15)
not for anyone with big head Review by New
I just got this wig two days ago, it is too small. Looks great on the picture but does not fit at all. (Posted on 1/20/15)
perfect Review by TANYIKA
Definitely cowash, you will have a different look everytime you put her on.. (Posted on 7/12/14)
Co-Wash Review by Hair Maven
Co-Washing means to wash hair only using conditioners no actual shampooing. Co-wash = Conditioner washing. I hope this helps. :) I have not actually purchased this wig but it is definitely something I'd consider purchasing since it is curly and perfect for spring/summer.. Possible look for the warm months in So. Cali?? Hmmm.. I think YES! (Posted on 1/23/14)
What Does Co-Wash Mean? Review by Cinda
To Divine One:

I haven't purchased this wig yet, but I'm contemplating it. I have a question to one of the reviewers. You mentioned that you "co-washed" the Theresa wig before wearing it. What does that mean? How is that different from just "washing" the wig? Please explain. Thank you very much. (Posted on 11/6/13)
Great Texture! Review by Ice Angel
I have been wearing this wig for about 3 weeks. I love the texture of it. However, I have been unsuccessful in achieving the look as it is shown in the picture. I thought adding water and/or mousse would help, but now it is beginning to look dry. There is a little shedding but not too much. Maybe I should have co-washed before wearing as the previous reviewer suggested. (Posted on 10/2/13)
Better than the Mommy wig.. Review by DivineOne
I purchased this unit, because I liked what I saw in the picture. I now have this unit and I love it.. I was rocking the mommy wig before this one, and that one was nice, supposedly remi human hair, but I dunno. This Theresa wig is human hair, does not claim to be remi, yet it is much softer than the supposed remi mommy wig.. When I first got Theresa and tried her on for fitting, she did shed a little, but that's to be expected with human hair. It definitely wasn't some significant amount that you'd end up missing the hair. It subsided once I co-washed her. Of course, upon wetting her, the curls come to life even more, and she also dries nicely as well. This unit also has a little more hair than the mommy wig in the back, and though there is some tapering, it's not as tapered as the Mommy wig is. Theresa does not have any combs in front, but she does come with one comb in the back, plus the adjustable straps and bendable ear tabs to make the unit hold close to the temple. I will definitely be purchasing this unit again, as she is very natural-looking and a very cute, short everyday style. I don't like to have too much hair.. Of course, since this is human hair, you can straighten/curl this unit, and also use products on it. I highly recommend co-washing her before wearing her for the first time. You will get the best results if you do.. (Posted on 8/25/13)
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