Product Description


* Type: Human Hair Wig
* Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand
* Average: Circumference 21.5", Ear To Ear 13.5", Front To Back 14.25"
* Comb Location: Back
* Adjustrable Strap: Yes
* Drawstring: No
* Color On Model:

* Overview
It's a cap Weave! Human Hair Wig from It's a Wig
100% human hair wig from It's a wig is a easy to maintain wig with unique cap design.
- -Fill a basin with cool or lukewarm water.
- Add a small amount of mild shampoo. Swash wig in basin.
- Rinse throughly in cool water.
- Shake out and drip dry.
- Do not brush, blow dry or heat style while wet. This can permanently damage the fiber.
- Do not use curling irons or other heating appliances.
- Not setting is necessary as curls will snap back into position when hair is completely dry.
- Brush into desired style only after wig is completely dry. 

* Placement Instructions

* Description

Customer Reviews

its a cap weave Review by angelvoice
I was shocked when I took it out of its package the blond colour was harsh and it sheds and there is not enough hair on the long side it looks nothing like the photos that I had seen on line its a let down the hair is also rough its not as soft as it looks on the photos I would not buy it again or encourage any of my friends to buy it (Posted on 4/7/15)
I hate it. Review by Latoya
The wig looked nothing like the picyure. The color which was HS1B99J530 looked dull and brittle. I looks very wiggy when you put it on. The sids that was the shortest looked choppy and I would not recommend and any one purchase this wig. I bought it because of reviews on Youtube and because of the good reviews but it was not like the wigs everyone else has received. WOULD HAVE GAVE ZERO STARS BUT YOU HAVE TO PUT AT LEAST ONE STAR. (Posted on 4/1/14)
OK Review by Ms. V
It took me a long time before I decided to get this wig, and when I did, I was kind of not sure about it. I liked it but they did not have the color that I wanted. I got a 1B. So I dyed it. I bleached it, then I cut it. Now I like it. The cut looks great on the model however, it was too much hair on one side for me. So I cut and cut and cut it some more. now it looks nothing like the model but I love it. You can really turn this wig around if you have the time and the imagination to do so! When I show the picture of the wig and what I have on, no one believes that it is the same wig! Perfect!! (Posted on 8/8/13)
It looks to natural to be a wig ;) Review by Sexy Mama
This wig is off the chain, I mean I really love it! I get sooooooo many compliments on my hair and if you paid attention to what I just said, "My Hair", people don't know that it's a wig, and quite frankly I would like to keep it that way; I just say thank you and go on when they say your hair is beautiful or pretty....... LoL!!!! ;) (Posted on 4/11/13)
love it!! Review by brenda
it is amazing!! i love everything i got mine in 1b maybe later i will add some light colors fits perfect!! omg.. a dont have any complains (Posted on 4/3/13)
This is a Must Have Review by Regensee
This wig is da I so love this look on me. I got so many compliments. As soon as I got the wig out the mailbox, I tried it on. My husband, daughter, and mom love the look on me.

I actually wore the 1b/30 to work and everyone loved it. They couldn't tell if it was a wig or not.

Buy this unit, you will not regret it. (Posted on 3/19/13)
LOVE THIS WIG Review by kmariej
I just received my wig, and I love it, I purchased a 1b, it looks, and feels very natural. I'm going to order several more in different colors. (Posted on 3/12/13)
I love it. Review by Bella
This is a great buy ladies.I 'am getting into wearing short hair and this is a keeper. (Posted on 1/31/13)
I love it Review by Tasha
I purchase this wig back in December and at first when I receive it, I thought it was completely what I had order; BUT I was wrong ladies! I have to say I love the wig!!! A lot of people thought it was a stocking cap-do!!!! I will be ordering one more soon and in the display color!!!! (Posted on 1/30/13)
Oh my Goodness Review by Patrisha
Ladies and Gents,
This is definitely a cutie doo.
I ordered her in HS1B99J530 and she is cut and bumped to perfection, the colors are
beautiful. She makes me want to go on you tube and do a wig review, but I am just too shy.
Any who, she is short, jazzy and a keeper. I will reorder soon.
There's nothing like getting new hair in the mail
Hair wig Harlem you are the best. (Posted on 1/8/13)
Love Her! Review by Hair Maven
The style on the model is so cute and after watching the youtube video on this wig i decided to give her a try and she is absolutely STUNNING! Of course with most wigs I buy I do have to customize them to suit my features so I had to do a bit of trimming on the long side otherwise it would look unnatural. But once I trimmed and thinned it out a bit and flat ironed some of the curl it was just what I wanted a Rihanna look spikey edgy and cute! I ordered a 1B because it is closest to my natural hair color but i could also spice it up with some spray on temp hair color or I could permantently dye a custom color to it later if I want to. Since it is human hair it is very versitile with styling. I give this wig a 4.5 only because I did have to tweak it a little bit and the cap is a bit large for my head but it does come with adjustible straps to help with the fit. Very similar to the Beshe Wig - Vega which I have also, but the long side of that wig is a little shorter and the cap is more snug. I would totally buy this wig again because you can funk it up for weekends and style it for the office as well. Great price and fast shipping from HWH as usual! (Posted on 12/12/12)
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