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BESHE Human Hair Wig - HH-Vega

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Favorite Color Favorite Syle Review by Debbie D
I love this cut it fits all ages and the color R44/2 best suits my complexion, age, and lifestyle. I hope there are plans to place the color back in inventory! (Posted on 8/25/15)
Love it!!! Review by Dawn
I LOVE this wig!!! It's very comfortable and fits perfectly! It looks very natural and easy to style! I actually use to have this hairstyle before I killed my hair from dying it too much. I'll definitely be ordering this wig again (gotta try out the blonde one)! Yay for Beshe-Vega!! (Posted on 10/3/13)
Cut to fix your face Review by Kesha
I purchased this wig already knowing that it would need work. took some clippers to the side and thinned it out and cut the bangs to make it fit my face. No wig is perfect out the package. I went the safe route and ordered a 1B next time . I will also try turning it inside out and placing on a wig head to help with the bump/hump at the top. (Posted on 7/25/13)
my favorite unit! Review by cutiepie1210
Like Hair Maven said, don't be fooled by the picture on the model. I am very glad I purchased her. I went to a stylist at Supercuts and had her texturized (meaning cut with special scissors). This gave her movement and made the bangs look less heavy. All in all, I will definitely buy Vega again. She's my favorite and I've got lots of wigs. (Posted on 5/29/13)
Rihanna Style Very Edgy & Cute! Review by Hair Maven
Don't be fooled by the picture on the model. This style is so much cuter up close and in person! I saw this style on youtube before I purchased it so that i could see the sides and back and it lays perfectly! I had to adjust it a bit by trimming the sideburns but that is basically it. Out of the pack it is a cute wearable style that is bumped on the ends to look like a "page boy" cut but with a little manipulation an a flat iron you can spike it up to make it look edgy like Rihanna's cut. There is a bit of shedding at first but all wigs will shed a little bit. I ordered a 1B and I am not disappointed it is perfect! Because it's human hair it has alot of versitility and if you want to add color to customize it you can use a temporary hair color spray and/or permanent color to your liking. You really cant go wrong with this wig and the price is so great I may order a few more just to keep them on hand it is the most natural looking wig I own besides my full lace wigs. I am a breast cancer patient and this by far is a favorite and keeps me looking AMAZING even while going through chemo! (Posted on 12/12/12)
Loving it Review by EarthSeed
I got mine in color 2. I actually love human hair wig much more due to its versatility & durability as well as looking more natural than synthetic. However human hair for wigs are usually very processed and mine comes in a lot of white hair LOL. I had pluck them but after much plucking, cutting, & customised into my style, thus wig is awesome! Very good price for a human hair wig. Would have given 5 stars if it wasn't so much white hair! (Posted on 9/5/12)
Very Nice Review by D
ok, so first, let me preface by saying through a different company, I ordered this unit in a 1B. Loved it. Everything on the unit was perfect as far as the cut, no need to chop down the side burns, nothing. But the only issue I had with it was the cap construction was a little flawed (had a track or two sticking out here and there). In any case, I still rocked that style and still love it.

Now, I ordered this unit again, this time through HWH. The sole reason I went with this company is because they offered a color that my usual company doesn't offer: F27/613. I ordered it. And as I waited for it, I was very scared I wasn't going to like the color; I was kind of taking a risk. But I LOVE IT!!!! Unlike the 1B I purchased, the cap was perfectly constructed, no tracks sticking out. The only thing (and this I'd a small small thing) is that the sideburns on this one in the lighter color are much longer, so I'll need to do some chopping. But it looks amazing, even just spraying a little water on her makes it easy to manipulate. I am going to treat this one the way I did my darker unit and wash it first before initial wear, let it sit inside out on a mannequin head to get rid of some of the puff on top(though its already very minimal and almost unnoticeable), put a little Luster's in it and perhaps blow dry it to make it more wild and spunky. But even right out of the pack it looks great. I did notice this lighter unit sheds a little more than the darker one I have.

Overall I give this unit a 9.8 out of 10 so its definitely great. Price and fact its human hair is always a plus as well ;)

Don't be afraid to try some color. I seriously love the blonde... (Posted on 8/30/12)
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